MAR. 20, 2012


A new study shows that babies who are fed on demand turn out to be smarter and more successful than those who are fed on a schedule.

Well, yeah, when was the last time you heard a mugger say, “Give me your wallet – when you feel like it?”


Rapper Snoop Dogg and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton have been named in a new lawsuit for allegedly failing to intervene in an altercation or cooperating with the police.

Sorry, that should have read, rapper Snoop Dogg and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton have been FAKE named in a new lawsuit ...


Police are looking for a new burglar in Manhattan who has been smearing the keyholes of the apartments he targets with KY Jelly.

The burglar claims, “It was just foreplay, I was trying to unlock her pleasure”.


Entrepreneurs in China are saying they plan on selling organic green tea made out of panda dung, and pricing it at $200 a cup.

To make the money worth it, I recommend you buy some and tell your friend what it is the moment it touches their lips.


A designer has manufactured a new robot that’s sole purpose is playing the game “Angry Birds”.

If you were worried about robots taking over the world, they’ll do it in a little bit, they swear.


A bride in Romania set a new world record for the longest ever bridal train, which was so long that it had to be carried to the ceremony by a hot-air balloon.

You could almost hear the crowd chanting, “Nip slip! Nip slip!”


An 101 year old woman in Salt Lake City ushered in her birthday with a ride in a paraglide.

You could almost hear the crowd NOT chanting, “Nip slip. Nip slip.”