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March 25, 2010


"Don't get sick, and if you do get sick, die quickly." Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), summing up the Republican health care plan

That qoute pretty much sums up my own personal health care plan since I was 16. Everybody thought i was stupid and careless. 16 years later, I'm still here.

So, ok, this whole healthcare reform is a big whup with everybody, I, personally, don't even see why. I often feel like everything rich white christians complain about is blown out of proportion. They just sort of have a history of doing that. Not to say that poor black atheist don't, or even middle class chinese muslims. Whoever/whatever you are, if you have a complaint, and enough resources, chances are, we'd never hear the end of it. Hell, I'm the same way, I guess, but this issue has been personally blown out of proportion in my opinion. I mean, it's not like it's the War or anything right?

Here's my standpoint, and this is all based on the fact that I don't even feel the need to have every little fucking detailed fact about the matter.
The main arguemnt I hear against the whole healthcare issue is about how un-constitutional it is. To that I say, who gives a shit. We've been doing un-constitutional shit for years. Most of Republicans previous beefs and gripes have been about shit they didn't want us to do, but we're, by law, allowed to do based on the constitution. So my question would be, what does it matter if this (which seems to be a noble cause)is un-constitutional or not? The whole "changing things around so the Gov't can spy on us" act was un-constitutional, yet the repubs kept assuring us it was for our own good and saftey. Ok, but healthcare isn't?

Another issue I've heard is about how it's unfair to force us to have health insurance. Apparently, this means that once it's super official, it will be "illegal" to NOT have insurance, and apparently, that's bad. Uhm, I didn't hear all this crying when we were forced to have car insurance. Where were all the protesters when they forced us to where seat belts? It's the same premise, but "apparently" those slipped through the cracks. Isn't it blatantly hypocritical to go ape shit over the president making something a requirement when you didn't even give a shit about other things being made a requirement under the same rhyme and reason? I mean, by all technicalities, anytime somebody makes ANY new rule or law at all, doesn't it always infringe on your freedom to not do it?

It's hilarious to me how when the wealthy, good christian population get pissed, they make the riots and other hoopla of the Civil Rights movement look like bad kids at a daycare. Bricks through windows? Really? Let's take it old school and bring back racism (well, it really never left, but you know what I mean.). Shame on the democrats actually, for not having the notion to break out the water hoses and dogs. I mean, when a large group of hostile people get together, those ARE the necessary tools right? Or is it different when you have $2,000 suits or expensive botox treatments rather than hippie clothes or non white skin?

I also find it hilarious that people are now reverting back to the whole Obama is Hitler thing. If I'm not mistaken, unless back in the '30s a concentration camp was a hospital, Barack isn't Hitler. I mean, such a serious accussation from the group of people who fully, without fail, supported Bush. It's cute really. I just recently saw an episode of a reality show called Pretty Wild, about 3 girls with nice tits and 12 year old faces who are rich and are under the assumption that they are the next Kardashian Clan. They all have distinct personalities, you know, like Spice Girls. One is in court every episode because she's a suburban bad ass. The other is always on a date or whining about a dude, which makes her the whore I guess. Then the youngest one (I think, again, they all look 12 with nice tits) is the tantrum throwing one. The mother gets them all together and announces that they are gonna move closer to L.A., which is probably, at the most, about a half an hour from where they live now. The two girls are like, ok, whatever, who gives a shit. The youngest breaks down almost immediately. No transition in the midst of asking questions. Not even a valid reason WHY she's upset. Just immediate and intense response of "I can't believe you're doing this to me" in the highest schreeching, Sweet 16 tantrum like voice. Face contorted to Precious like ugly status. Tear ducts with the power to drown an entire sinful city. All this from a little girl who already gets everything she wants anyway. And to me? That is what the Republicans look like. Tantrum throwing little big tittied bitches who can't have their way.
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Jenna Fischer

Funniest show on television EVER?  Debatable.  Funniest cast on television today? Probably.  Most wanted female character on television in my mind? Definitely.  As a man, how can you NOT want a Pam Beesley.  She's hot (and yes, I realize they display  her a bit more reserved and frumpy on the actual show, but these pics prove her endless potential of masturbatude). She's hilariously snarky and sarcastic (which for me is almost far more necessary than looks or personality).  What more do you need?  Pam Beesley is the epitome of "IT" girl.  No one cares if she breast feeds the wrong baby (lucky baby), and honestly, every Thursday I look forward to watching the Office and being slightly jealous of Jim.  Let's face it, Jim's the type of guy that seems fun to hang around, and would probably make a great best friend.  Pam is enough to make you say FUCK your friend, which is why she is this week's Vagina Hero.