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May 04, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #50

Yuuuuup, it's big number 50.  And for such a ... good ... event, I've pulled out one I've had in the hopper for quite a while.  It's not from the 60's but, it'll do son, It'll do.

Introducing: THE BROTHERS JOHNSON lp record album "LIGHT UP THE NIGHT"
7. I see Uranus in the background and UrAsses in the foreground

6. Well this explains why all those Johnson & Johnson products for children are being recalled ...

5. The original 'Laser Cats'

4. now working at a hairdressing salon near you

3.5. Outer space meets inner-cest.

3. Looks like that brother's Johnson is about to make a 'purple stain'.

2.75. Tips, tips, tips! Here's a tip: don't point at your brother with a light emanating from your crotch.

2.5."Don't try to figure it out. Just bathe in the purple light, enjoy the music, & hog a hard one. Figuratively speaking, of course. Not really."

2. We finally found Exit 31, for Funk City. Thanks. We appreciate your help. Now here, look at my purple can-cock show. You're welcome.

1. But if you only need dim candlelight, the Goldstein Brothers are available.