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August 14, 2014

Cast members from Parks and Recreation, LOST, Orange is the New Black, Veronica Mars, and more tell you how to binge watch intelligently and safely.

Binge watching: you’ve done it, people around you are doing it, and now finally celebrities have noticed and are taking issue with it. Or really, they are concerned and just want you to be smart about it. Entertainment Weekly rounded up all your favorite TV stars from shows like Parks and Rec, LOST, Veronica Mars, and Orange is the New Black, to make this video about safe and smart binge-watching. Finally, you can watch Amy Poehler and Adam Scott, Ben Schwartz and Retta, people who are in Pretty Little Liars, Sawyer from LOST, and Billy Eichner, who introduces himself as actress Camryn Manheim without any further explanation, all in one video, talking right at you. Cue dramatic PSA music!

h/t Uproxx