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April 13, 2009


Kiss is still doing another Farewell tour.I caught the one back in 2000.Dude,it's my regret to inform people it's not 1976 anymore.Sure,I'm trying to get Kiss to perform in Tucson on my Myspace site,so I wear my custom design shirt of Gene Simmons just to piss him off.Tight-ass cheap Isreali jew! They won't get some sand to the Palestines ;you know Gene Simmons ain't giving me no money.Dr.Pepper could give me a year supply of shitty sodas,but nooooooo! Ok,I ripped that off from the late John Belushi but I gave him props. I get a Kiss T shirt and pull a Johnny Rotten like prank.And,even little richard stole from me.I went WHHHHHOOOOOO back in 1954 11 years before I was born.Enough of this let's start bashing no talent Jimmy Fallon like peter Griffith did on Family guy.It's medication time,now.So long for now.