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December 25, 2012

That awkward moment when you think you've been roofied. At work.

Reading does me no good. The other morning I opended up my Yahoo account to an article about C2L. http://bit.ly/QxKHHH It’s a new synthetic drug kids are using to get high. The problem is, it’s incredibly easy to overdose and lab tests at hospitals cannot detect it so people end up dying. The high lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few days and effects everyone differently. It can be melted into chocolate and different kinds of foods. So naturally, after reading all of this, I got it in my head that last night when I went out to dinner the waiter was acting weird and therefor he must have been on drugs. I took it a step further and began panicking that he melted C2L into my dessert

My head suddenly began to spin. My knees got weak. I started to lose my train of thought. Things got blurry. I’m high. I’m on C2L. At work. High. Should I tell someone? If I say something I might get fired. If I don’t saying anything, I might. Die. I took my chances and went to our work medic. “I’m roofied.” I said. The medic looked at me confused. Maybe he didn’t hear me the first time, “I’m Roo-fied.” He burst out in laughter. That made me mad. Doctors aren’t supposed to laugh at you, I think that should have been covered in Med School. I told him my reasoning and my symptoms.  He told me if I was high on anything it would be on anxiety and that if I’m trying to get out of work, I should probably say I have the flu or a more common illness. Ya, ya, no one ever believes me. And I guess rightfully so. But hey, better safe than sorry! Thankfully I wasn’t high this time but anytime I go to a restaurant now I think twice about what I order and make sure the waiter seems to be in good condition.

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