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March 06, 2010


So...I have this very irregular meeting this morning. 8 am on a Sunday is CRAP. I think we can all agree on that. I had been waking up every hour and then when I woke up just after 5 I knew that I had a decision to make. Either get up 35-45 mins too early OR get back to a nice deep sleep just in time for my alarm to get me up. So...I got up. Now I have to leave in 15 minutes and I am so fucking tired. I had a piece of toast, but don't want to eat because it is my plan to murder the donut/bagel table when I get to work...but what if they don't do that?? If there isn't breakfast...and I don't eat something ...this will be a VERY VERY ugly meeting. Now I'm a bit vexed. I could positively murder a bacon and egg McMuffin...maybe I'll go now and grab one just in case... There better be food. Just saying. If you hear about a mass killing in Toronto, it's simply because some dumb fuck scheduled an 8 am meeting on a Sunday and didn't bring any f@!$%%ng donuts!!!