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October 24, 2012

12 things that I hate about this year

12 things I hated about 2012
(so far)

1. 9-11(2012).
      I can't say that I hate the date of 9-11-12 or 9-11-whatever year cause it is my b-day. I guess What I hate about this year and probably ever year since the attacks is how the day of 9-11 is becoming some type of 3rd tier holiday. They reshow the attacks every year on tv for some reason. I mean do we really have to get reminded of this every time? The 9-11 slogan is "never forget" it is not "just in case you did forget..." Did they forget that there are people in those buildings and planes and maybe the families don't want to watch their dad blow-up each year? And for those freaks that do watch this every year they only want to see the "good" parts. They are just sitting there waiting for 9:59am to watch that second tower. I think the networks ultimate goal for 9-11 is to make Tower 2 become the new ball drop. "3,2,1!!!!!!!! Happy 9-11!!!! now back to Ryan Seacrest!"
2. The Election
      I should start off by saying I really don't care who wins this thing. At this point I just want it to be over. Cause if you listen people who support whoever if the other guy wins then that means the end of the United States. So whoever wins it looks like we are all fucked. So it isn't the people who are running who I hate(they are a big part of the problem) but the people who pick the donkey or the elephant and follows every word that are saying even if they don't 100% or even 25% know what they are talking about. "So what do you think of Mitt's foreign policies ideas?" " Yo why can't he just let us see his tax returns? What a asshole" "So why do you think of Obama thoughts on gay marriage?" "Obamacare??? More like nobody cares!!!" Half of this people get their election "news" from their facebook news feed. "Hmmmm that meme made a great point!!! 4 more years!!!" or just from Twitter. "Well I was going to vote Obama but this Andy Dick guy makes a lot of great points. Go Romney!!!!" I feel like none of this guys really want to run this country they just want to be able to put "was president" on their resumes.
3. The Batman Shootings
    Colorado don't have too many shootings but when they do they sure make their quota for the year.
4. The NHL Lockout
    This is like if a mentally challenged kid threaten to hold his  breath and everyone was like "ok go for it" and he does and he just gets more brain damage and nobody cared.
5.  Felix Baumgartner
      If you don't know that name then you are a normal human. Felix is the guy for whatever reason jumped from space. It is not the act that made "Fearless" Felix to make this list it is the lack of reasons why he did this and why would anyone care about this.  I just didn't get why people went crazy that he did not burn up cause now next year we going to have to listen to "Extreme" Earl as he tries to be the first human to jump from the moon or "Amtrak" Adam trying to become the first man to survive being hit by a train. I also think that all of that "support" he got when he landed was more disappointment cause whoever wants to see some D-bag do this and live are the same liars that say "I watch Nascar just for the left turns"
(In full disclosure I am guessing he had at least one reason but I did not want to waste a Google search on him)
  6. Amanda Todd
    So some slut kills herself cause everyone found out that she was a whore........next
7. Honey Boo-Boo
  I am not even lying when I say if this show is on tv for more then 2 years then I will track Boo-Boo down and beat her with a bat to death right in front of her mother.
8. Lance Armstrong doping
    * see #4
9. Mtv Video Music Awards
   You have the balls to have the words "Music" and "Awards" in a show name and not even nominate Ke$ha? Seriously?????........
10. Moammar Gadhafi
   ......oh you mean the poor man's Bin Laden? We got him? Sweet I guess
11. 12-21-12
    Now I know we have less then 2 months until this date but let me get this off my chest (just in case they are right) the fact that a poll shows that 10% of Americans think that is the last date on the earth is kind of sickening.  What a bunch of a-holes if they are wrong. "Oh sorry I could not get you a better gift this year I spent all of my money on can goods but thanks for the PS3 I hope you enjoy this 5 month supply of twinkies".
12. St.Louis
     Do I need to say anything?