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September 30, 2009


Yeah yeah... I know... Never in the history of Kenny G.'s time on FOD, has there been such a long absence from the delirium here...

As a result of my time away, I have missed out on so many opportunities for bloggity goodness, I feel ashamed. I mean, between Kanye's Grammy stunt, The Detroit Tigers actually having a chance at the playoffs.... AND THE FUCKING LIONS WINNING A GAME!!!!!!

... I've missed so much.... Not to mention all the blogs and vids my FOD friends have created while I've been away.... But there's a reason...

You see, my dear friends.... On July 24th, 2009, at 9:32 AM... My job was devoured by the evil economy monster that plagues our lands, and calls it's home "Michigan."..... Fucking state. ;-)

Why, yes, you eagle eyed superstar... That was the day right after my last blog. :-)

Coincidence??? Well, um... Yeah.

It was just because it was Friday, at the end of the pay cycle, and my boss... sorry... EX-BOSS... is a shortsighted dickbag.

So, in the aftermath of this blow to my ego (And savage, lube-free violation of my finacial well-being)... Some changes have been made:

A) I had to give my cat to the Humane Society. Fucking sucks. Nuff said.

B) I had to give up my place, as it's far too costly for what "Unemployment" gives as it's pittance.

C) I had to move in with friends. Yes, the same friends I was house-sitting for. Guess all my bitching and complaining about them being gone was a shitty thing to do, eh?

D) I've had to spend as much time as my body can allow on "Job Hunting" in this forsaken wasteland of a state.

E) Amazingly, through all of this, I've been able to maintain my status of "Not getting any", so, yeah... Things are just peachy, thanks for asking. ;-)

That all being said, I'm still alive, and eating... so I guess my complaints are rather silly, and I need to quit hiding, especially from here.

On the bright side, I have had time to find a few new online hobbies.... Including (God, how do I know I'll regret admitting this....??).... Being on Twitter!!!! :-)

Yes, you too can now waste precious cell phone battery life, and valuable text messages, to hear that @sabre419 doesn't like this new brand of toilet paper. Hurray!!!

But seriously, if you are on Twitter, follow me.... I keep it short and simple (as I only have 2 followers that read my tripe as of now)... So lemme know.

I guess, what I really came her to say, most of all, is I miss you, my crazy fellow inmates... So I'm coming back... slowly but surely.... I'm coming back.

So pop the corks and bop the dorks.... Kenny is home, the circle of life continues.