“Another week, another SNL!” That’s probably what they say in the SNL offices every week that there’s a new episode. And let them say it, because it fits! You should be able to say something if it’s a good fit for the situation. Speaking of good fits, Michael Keaton fit right in when he hosted SNL this week!

It can be dangerous to speak in hyperbole so I won’t say this is the best monologue ever. But maybe it’s the best monologue in as far as I can remember? Top two monologues of all time, not gonna say if it’s number one or number two but let’s just say it’s NOT number two? What starts out as a fairly standard SNL mono turns into three grown nerds pestering Michael Keaton. You have to excuse them, though, because given the opportunity to work with your childhood hero, it would be a shame to not ask him to play Batman with you.

Another good sketch was the “Easter Hotline,” a sketch about phoning your grandma. This is one of those sketches where you get to be like “Oh, yeah, they got me, that is how my loved ones and I talk when we call one another on the phone!”

Mike O’Brien had a short film in this episode where he played a Cool Teen who accepts a dare to take his teacher to prom. What about you, if your teacher was Michael Keaton, would you take him to prom? What if your teacher was a different established actor? Would that be cool, or would it distract you from your learning, or perhaps a mix of both?

Last week the documentary “Going Clear” gave HBO audiences a glimpse at the Church of Scientology’s 1990 “We Are the World”-style music video “We Stand Tall.“ This week, SNL showed us a full-length music video created by the suspiciously similar sounding religion "Neurotology.” Throughout the video, titles declare what happened to various participants, pointing out which ones are “missing,” “not allowed to see family,” and “sued to death,” plus some other ones that are spooky since they aren’t that far from reality!

The final sketch of the night was the “spiritual successor” (or something) to that very good Edward Norton Halloween Candy sketch from 2013. If you have any Easter candy of your own, you should eat some as you watch this clip, because it fits thematically! Hopefully you all got hollow easter bunnies, LOL, you’ll get it if you watch the sketch, that’s an inside joke only for those of us who watched it. ;)

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