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August 24, 2011

Whether it be a fun trip with your college buddies to Vegas or newlywed couples jetting off on their honeymoon, more people are finding that travel byprivate jet charter is worth the expense and akin to renting a limo for a special occasion.

Private jet charter report that a good portion of their business is people just like you looking for an exciting and luxurious way to travel without the hassle often times associated with commercial airline travel. A "one-off" trip to a tourist destination is every bit as important to your flight planner as scheduling a flight for a businessman needing a jet for a two city day trip. They look forward to introducing you to the world ofprivate jet charter travel and making sure you are spoiled rotten. They look forward to treating you the way you deserve to be treated and leaving you with a memory that you will never regret.

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You might ask how much all of this might cost you. The truth is that prices fluctuate from broker to broker and according to your wants and needs that it is best to work with one of theprivate jet charter that has a good reputation to get the best price. Your flight planner will have access to information that even the private jet charter companies don't and you might be able to pick up a flight that was scheduled as an empty leg for another flight at a cut rate. Actually, many fractional owners of jet aircraft work with these companies even thought they are part owners of their own jet so they have more options and they are able to save money in the long run.

So, as you can see, whether it be for business or pleasure, private jet charter can hold great value for you. Whether it be entertaining, impressing or traveling to see an important client or pampering yourself when it's time to vacation, travel byprivate jet charter can make all the difference in the world. And by working together with a knowledgable and connected flight planner at one of the manyprivate jet charter agencies you will be getting more value for your dollar and service that you won't find anywhere else.
Tanzania   national parks and game reserves are based in the northern, southern and on the coastal regions. From Northern part we have Kilimanjaro International Airport and Arusha airport where air charter operators are based and provide both private charter & scheduled services to major cities, national parks, game reserves and to other neighbouring countries in East Africa region like Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi.Out of Zanzibar air charter companies also provide private charter flights and scheduled flights to any destination within and outside Tanzania. Air charter  companies in Daresaalam also provide  scheduled and private charter flights within and outside Tanzania to national parks, game reserves and major cities  and we do have airlines  operating into Daresaalam International Airport,Zanzibar,Mwanza,Kilimanjaro dropping and picking  passengers ,cargo and freight.

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The fleet that is operated by air charter companies in Tanzania comprises of ,Dash 8-100/200/300/400 37  seats twin engine  turbo prop, Let 410 UVP-E9/E20  18 seats twin engine gasturbine,Caravan 208B  12 seats single engine, Islander   7 seats twin engine,C-210 single engine piston, Super King air 200  10 seats pressurized  turbo prop,B1900 C/D 18 seats twin engine turbo prop,ATR 42  45 seats turbo prop,B737-200  90 seats,C-206  5 seats  single engine piston, Citation Bravo 550 Jet 7 seats, Citation Bravo 560 jet  7 seats, C-406  Caravan  twin engine turbo prop 10 seats, Super King air 350i  turbo prop  10 seats pressurized,PA-34  Seneca 11 5 seats twin engine, Twin Otter  18 seats twin engine turbo prop  and others. These aircrafts have also been based on the type of airstrips that are in the national parks and game reserves and they have short takeoff and landing performance. Most of the airstrips in the national parks or game reserves are not suitable for private jet charter flights due to its state, so please check first with the operator before arranging your safari. Aircraft of the likes of C-206,C-210,C-172/C-182,Islander,Caravan,Twin otter, Let 410, Dash 8,C-406,Super Kingair  can land in the national parks and game reserves due to their performance  whereas the Super King air can land on selected  airstrips which are long tarmac,murram,bitumen  and recommended by the crew. Air charter  flights are available from Zanzibar to Arusha,Selous,Mahale,Ruaha,Kilimanjaro,Zanzibar,Pemba Island, Mafia Island,Kogoma,Dodoma,Mbeya using  the PA-34  Seneca  11  5 seats twin engine, Caravan 208  12 seats single engine, Let 410 18 seats twin engine. Private jet are also available for  charter flights  from Mwanza,Kilimanjaro,Zanzibar,Arusha,Musoma,Kigoma,Dodoma,Iringa,Mtwara,Tabora,Tanga,Mbeya to any country within Africa or globally.

Operations hours of airport vary and the only International Airports in Tanzania are Kilimanjaro, Daresaalam and Zanzibar the rest operates from 630 am to 6pm and others from 0830 am to 6 pm.For Musoma when flying there you need to call them in advance as the immigration and customs offices are outside the airport and you might have to wait longer at the airport.Aistrips  serving lodges, tents and hotels at national parks and game reserve opens at 0630 am and closes at 0530 pm and they are as follows Serengeti,Seronera,Lake Manyara,Ngorongoro  Crater,Grumeti,Kleins Camp,Lobo,Ndutu,Kogandete,Selous,Ruaha,Mahale,Pangani  and others  and you can takeprivate jet charter or private charter from any airport  in Tanzania to fly you to your destination of choice and aircrafts are available from 5 to 37 seats. The charter price will depend on the distance and the aircraft capacity you want to hire. Out Kilimanjaro, Daresaam & Zanzibar you can operate flights at night to Kenya Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Nairobi and Moi International Airport Mombasa, Entebbe International Airport Uganda, Kigali International Airport Rwanda, Bujumbura International Airport Burundi any time of the night. The aircraft recommended for such flights are Dash 8, Let 410, Super Kingair 200, Super Kingair 350i, Citation Bravo 550 Jet, Citation Bravo Jet 560, Beechcraft 1900 C/D,C-406 Caravan 2. Private charter flights In Tanzania are not restricted to passengers only but also cargo&freight charter flights are available o any destination within East Africa region and entire African continent depending on the requirement. Please note sight seeing charter flights, scenic charter flights, filming charter flights and aerial survey and photography charter flights in the national parks and game reserves are available charged on an hourly rate based on the aircraft capacity. At Mahale you can do scenic flights, sight seeing and aerial photography to see chimpanzee same for Oldovai Gorge,Oldonyo  Lengai,Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru,Ngorongoro Crater, Pemba  & Mafia Islands. You can do air taxi from Daresaalam to Pemba and mafia island and divide the amount among yourselves on C-206  5 Seats,C-210  5 seats, Cessna Caravan 208  12 seats, Let 410 18 seats, Islander 7 seats and it will work cheap for  your  travel.

Private charter flights comes in handy where the scheduled flights can not meet ones schedule and program as charter flights have flexibility of timings change and even date of travel with no extra costs as long as you do in good time before the aircraft departs  and not in flight.Private jet charter flights for emergency medical evacuation flights are available on request to a destination within Africa or overseas. These private jets have been configured into an air ambulance equipped with a stretcher, medical staff, medical apparatus and medicine.
When you are selecting a private jet charter, you will need to check out the quality, consistency, and service quality. These days, people are looking at improving their overall travel experience and so they look at fully customizing their flight preferences. When chartering private aircrafts, you will have to check out some additional services that are being offered. Value added services such as customized catering, and on-ground transportation are always welcome. In addition, you may also need concierge services for spas, hotels and entertainment.

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Tips For Selecting The Best Private Jet Charter

When selecting the Private Jets, you will have to first check out the parent website and look for services offered by the private aircraft rental company. Along with the services, you may also want to know about the cost. Some websites may have the costs listed and some may not have it. Always check for the hidden costs when you are searching the best jet chartering services. Although there are few restrictions on thePrivate Jets or Jet charters, you will have to specify any specific travel requirements that you may have.
Generally, a smaller private jet charter would not have any flight attendants, but if you want them, you may have to pay some additional cost. In some Private Jets, you can even choose the fight attendants. When booking the executive jet charters, you will have to check the procedures of booking. There are some jet charters that may allow booking on phone and for some, you will have to make an online payment first.

On the aircraft charter agent websites you will get all the information on the type of aircraft, age of the aircraft and other specifications of the aircraft. Your safety is the main goal of these companies and they will ensure that all the security checks are complete before you fly to your destination. There are several jet chartering services available these days that will give their customers all that they need. You have a wide variety to choose from, make the most of it and select the bestAircraft Charter. There are some aircraft charter services that will give you good discounts if you are a frequent flier.

It is recommended that if you are traveling to and from a destination frequently, use only one aircraft charter services. In this way, you can also get a good discount on the flying deals. Most Private Jet Charter services these days are doing good business as more and more people are planning to travel with comfort. The prices offered by thePrivate Jet Charter services are also very reasonable these days.

You need to check with the Private Jet Charter service if they are offering the following:

* Primary source for your due-diligence
* Complete, in depth safety reports on your charter operators
* Instant access pilots experience and historical safety ratings
* Instant search

In addition to the aforementioned items, you may also want the access to Pilot Certificates, Aircraft Registration, Operator Certificates, Accident and Incident Reports, Enforcement Actions, and Ownership and Management documents.

Prices given by private jet charter companies vary widely, we must understand about the components that determine the price they gave.
By understanding the pricing component of private jet charter services, then we will not be fooled by the cheap prices determined by the agents. we certainly do not want to suddenly have a very large additional cost or no we can not arrive on time at the meeting place for transport not properly prepared.
To determine the cost of private aircraft charter determined by several factors.
The following factors are quite important factors determining the standard calculation of private jet charter prices per hour :   
1.    Charter companies management, maintenance and acquisition costs
2.    Aircraft age (Original manufacture date, Number of cycles on the engines, Interior refurbishment, and Number of hours the aircraft is available for charter in a particular year )
 Safety status - All aircraft are verified by independent auditors such as ARG/US, Wyvern or Q-Star.

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4.    Aircraft type - determined by ( Helicopters, Turbo Props, Light Jets, Mid-Sized Jets , Heavy Jets, and Airliners )
5.    Time and Length of trip (Same day round trip – occasional, Weekend trip - typically require overnight costs, and Several days)
6.    Repositioning - Occurs when: (Aircraft is chartered from an airport it is not based, Not all airports are bases to aircrafts, and Aircraft availability shortage at desired airport )
7.    Concierge Services requested (In-Flight catering, Luxury car rental or limousine service, Hotel accommodation, and Tickets to requested events)
8.    Other Fees ( fuel surcharge, Landing fees, FBO Service fees, and Carbon offsets )
Is there more a valuable asset than your time? With check-in, security hold-ups, delayed take-off and taxiing times, and baggage claims, a 4 hour commercial flight could take 75 minutes on a private jet. Drive right on the tarmac and get out of the Maybach 57 S a few steps away from the Learjet's cabin door. While a Boeing 747 is taxied to its runway in a single file behind a dozen other aircraft, you'll already be 50,000 ft in the sky on a conference call planning the day's order of business.