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December 22, 2015

Will Ferrell is Little Debbie, goodbyes to Letterman and Jon Stewart, and 3 more clips.

Another year has passed which means 365 late nights have passed, too. Not that there were 365 nights of late night TV, because they usually don’t do late night TV on the weekends. There’s also a few weeks of vacation for all the hosts, but they don’t always all vacation at the same time. Hm, we guess we don’t know exactly how many nights of late night TV there were this year! But we do know which clips were tha hottest — these six. (Six because it’s better than five. We’re better than five, when we work ~together~.)

6. Jimmy Fallon needs to go lie down

Years ago Jimmy Fallon had a chance to date Nicole Kidman but he blew it. SMH, Jimmy.

5. First impressions last a lifetime

In a year when Conan did very special episodes in Cuba and Armenia, it may seem weird to shine the spotlight on a clip of a bunch of people talking about meeting Danny DeVito, but if there’s ever a time to be weird it’s when we’re talking about Danny DeVito.

4. The President does “Mean Tweets”

POTUS went on Kimmel and read tweets about himself. You know who has some mean stuff to say about the president? Twitter randos!

3. It’s Little Debbie, not Lil’ Debbie

If you blinked long enough you might have missed it, but for a while this year Will Ferrell was the face of sweet snack cakes.

2. Frodo says goodbye to his Sam

It was a year of hosts retiring, and when Jon Stewart did his last show, you know Stephen Colbert stopped by to visit. It was heartfelt, silly, and very nerdy.

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1. A List Within A List

No list would be complete without a list right at the end of it. Or, we guess a lot of lists don’t have that, but, you know—this vid was a big thing this year.