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April 30, 2013

These puppies have a major advantage at this chapter: because they are so small, they can be easily cared for.

You've always wanted a cute little puppy, didn't you? But the problem is, they don't generally stay so small and cute. They lose their cub-like shape and cute innocence and start looking more like any other dogs. No more cute eyes, no more big, funny heads. They will eat more and will have all kind of needs intensified.

But the tea cup puppies are not like that. They will stay small and cute for you. They were bred to retain their puppy-like traits, like folded ears, large eyes and the specific body proportion. Keeping such young appearance is called neoteny by the scientists. People wanted dogs that have traits like the tea cup puppies since ancient times, and because their efforts and experience in breeding, today you have a large selection of breeds to choose from. Did you know that you might even see your little friend's ancestors on paintings that are hundreds of years old? From China to The Netherlands and from Japan to Mexico, the wealthy often commissioned beautiful paintings about themselves and their pets, just like we take tons of pictures nowadays. No one can resist the tea cup puppies' charm, no matter where or when they live. And today not only the rich can indulge themselves in keeping such friends. Anyone can buy the best breeds and get help to keep them healthy and happy. There is nothing more rewarding than a happy puppy. If you are thinking of buying one, iheartteacups reviews could help. An iheartteacups review could tell just exactly what you want and why you should buy a tea cup puppy for you!

So how should you keep them healthy?

These puppies have a major advantage at this chapter: because they are so small, they can be easily cared for. The puppies have a different dietary need than the grown-up dogs, because they need the vitamins and minerals to grow. But don't worry, there are plenty kinds of excellent dog foods you can choose from. Do not forget to provide your little friends with fresh water, they should have 24 hours access to it. Just as we do, basically. Don't let them be cold. Their small body size means they are less tolerant of cool weather than a larger breed. Get them to veterinarian at least twice a year for a check-up. Consult with your vet, keep the basic things in order, and you will be looking towards a happy and a healthy time.

What they need most is love and care though. Do some activities together! Walking, playing and training is a good time to bond. It's incredible how much a puppy can love his or her owner. It was even shown how owning a dog reduces stress in their owners. And if you walk your dog regularly, even you get a free and fun regular training. Your dog will become a real source of health for you.

So whether you planned to get a pet or not, whether you have a family or not, getting a tea cup puppy will be one of your best decisions in life. You will have to weigh the costs of taking care of a puppy with needs, that is true. But the benefits, both physical and especially emotional, will far outweigh any effort you had to invest. Read some iheartteacups reviews and get a puppy!