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May 24, 2017

A couple' struggles to have their child be the first nameless and genderless human being ever

Two Couples engaged in a Heated Competition over Newborn’s Gender Neutrality

Sally and Tom Wurfurst, a happily married couple from Newark, New-Jersey, have decided to name their newborn child Chris. Being aware of the new generation’s transgender trend they opted to allow their children to choose their own gender whenever they would see fit and to give them a unisex name.

But the couple’s decision took a turn when Sally came back from her 12th week appointment at the clinic with doctor Dimphuk,her pediatrician. As she was waiting for her appointment in the lobby she overheard the conversation of 22 year old Belinda Watts who, with her husband Hugh, have decided to forgo the naming of their child entirely. She argued that the new generation was so volatile when it came to sexual identity that it made more sense according to them to let their child chose their name when they grow up.

Mrs Wurfurst kept to herself during her appointment but as soon as she got back home she spoke to her husband and they decided to provide an even-more open-minded environment for their children to grow into. Two weeks later, during her 14th week appointment with doctor Dimphuk she told him of their decision: in addition to not naming their child they would decline to identify his or her gender.

It could have remained like that if it wasn’t for Mr Watts who overheard the whole conversation while in the waiting room with his wife for her 10th week appointment. At this point, the couple decided that not only they would do the same, as it was mostly their idea first anyway,they would also try to get Belinda to deliver prematurely, in order to beat the Wurfursts at having the first nameless and gender-less child ever.

Little did they know, as Mrs Wurfurst was leaving the clinic she noticed the Watts in the lobby so she decided to eavesdrop on their appointment by going in the bathroom next door from the doctor’s office and use the ventilation system to listen in on their conversation. She couldn’t hear very well so she undid the screws of the ventilation screen that was on the ceiling and she stuck her iPhone 7S in there and recorded the whole conversation. In order to avoid suspicion she decided to leave the bathroom and wait outside for the Watts to be gone, only to go back in to fake having forgotten something in the bathroom minutes later.

That’s when she decided to contact my newspaper in order to tell her side of the story, in case the Watts actually managed to get Belinda to deliver prematurely, because she wanted to make sure that her child would know later on in their life that they were truly the first one to be nameless and gender-less. That’s how much the Wurfurst love their unborn child.

More news as the story unfolds in the coming weeks.