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November 10, 2008


1. Commitment, there is a point of no return around 80 mph that you realize you have commited yourself right or wrong, there is a strange sense of peace right before the oh-shit factor kicks in.
2.  Aware'ness, you are suddenly aware of every bolt, nut, screw, ski, belt, ect. that you didn't check in your pretrip prior to acheiving magnificent acceleration.
3.  Self esteem, there is always a swelling amount of self esteem often noted by the phrase, "Did you see that shit?" or "Holly shit, that was f*cking amazing."
4. Humility, this usually taught with the enevitable crash, broken bones, pulled muscles, snow rash, which is exactly like road rash without the trash, but colder,and last and most humiliating-Sled damage. Sled damage is the worse thing because the other sledders talk about it every time they go sledding, at least once per trip for the rest of their life. ("you remember that time we were up here and that one guy  completely destroyed his sled in those trees over there?") every time for the rest of their life, you become folklore, of the worse kind.