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January 21, 2009


Now that Obama is inaugurated it's time to...say it with me...Get Psyched!

But we still face a lot of problems, don't we? We all have problems. For some reason, I tend to create my own problems. Just take a look at a few instances in which I behaved like a complete jackass - in a segment made popular on the internet called:

Five Random Facts About Me

1) During my first two years with a driver’s license I was pulled over for suspected drunk driving 11 times. I was completely sober each time.

2) My senior year in high school, I peed in the fountain of the Georgia Governor’s Mansion. It was for a scavenger hunt. This earned my team 50 points. Amazingly, no security guard tackled me as I stood there staring right into the Governor’s bedroom window, pissing away.

3) My freshman year in college I threw a toilet out of my dorm-room’s 2nd floor bathroom window. I was drunk and it seemed like a good idea at the time. The next day, school officials held a meeting with everybody in the dorm. I did not attend, but later inquired what went down. Apparently, the words “fingerprints”, “DNA testing” (there was blood on the toilet), and “expulsion” were all mentioned at the meeting. I laid low for a while and decided against throwing out any more toilets.

4) Also during my freshman year in college, I had a blood alcohol level of .607 (apparently the highest level ever recorded in the state of North Carolina). No, it's not something I'm proud of (yes I am.) 

5) At my job at BBDO Advertising, I shut down the entire Detroit and Chicago offices by sending out a mass email to everybody in my address book with over 50 songs attached that I had downloaded from Napster. The IT department threatened to have me fired.

So you can see, I've got problems. But what about you? How do you solve YOUR problems? A good friend of mine named Dr. Lanny Latham has the answer. It's found in two simple words...say it with me now...Get Psyched!  

All you have to do is Get Psyched, and all of your problems will go away. During these past few weeks, Dr. Lanny has taken his Get Psyched philosophy a step further by introducing you to some of his Daily Psychazoids. Here are a few of those psychazoids:

Daily Psychazoid: Circles

Daily Psychazoid: Take the Plunge

Hopefully these Psychazoids can help prevent you from throwing a toilet out of a window. Or if your toilet isn't working, they'll inspire you TO throw it out. Either way, you can celebrate by yelling out...Get Psyched!