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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
F U pay me!
"Sabotage"( A new action packed buddie cop show center around 3 badass cops in space. This show is the darkest of dark comedy you will ever see in your life whole f*cking life. Only on Syfy.)  "The Roberto Clemente Story" ( a H.B.O documentarie about the life of #21.)  "Mongo Wrestling Alliance" ( Yes that old adult swim show need to be picked up by FOX or even Comedy Central because trust me if you give this show one more shot it will be top dog of the cartoon world. Or if fox and comedy central want to be dumbasses about it and not pick it up just make a movie for it for me people that made Mongo Wrestling Alliance. Because us pot heads and wrestling "Am both at the same time" need are Mongo Wrestling god d*mn it mother f*ckers!) "R.O.H Pro Wrestling live on Tuesdays @ 6pm - 8pm ET online and on CBS."  "Miss.XXX" ( You know the 007 type of guy but this will be the a show and the XXX will be a very sexy woman this time ( played by Tari Reed) . Look am going to keep bring this idea up just like the R.O.H ones until it gets made into somthing. Show, movie, web thing e what ever the f*ck just make this d*mn thing happen on the USA network where characters are welcome.)  "This is White Trash Country" ( A new comedy kind of like the Trailer Park Boys but with a lot more drama and much darker of a comedy and in the south of USA on the Mexican border. On HBO or ShowTime or what ever the f*ck typed of channel like that um k. )  "Lusting" ( A show about married people being cheaters on a everyday base and in more ways than than just one but will it come back to bit each and everyone of them in the butt. Because this is f in NUTS! on ABC)  "R-U-N" ( Are you in for this one. This is a show about a young newly married couple on the run from the law world wide becasue they are wanted for killing 100's with a car bomb but the thing is they where framed by the goverment.)  THE END FOR NOW