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May 27, 2016

Here are the top 8 reasons for a high divorce rate: 1) You jumped into the marriage for all the wrong reasons: Like you never asked her for her name after you had sex. So you found out, she is married to your brother and maybe even married to your sister. Things you need to know before you sleep with someone. 2) You've lost your individual identity: You become to codependent with her and your starting follow her around the house. You realized you can’t be alone without her. You need her every minute of the day. Even, if she has you handcuff to the bed. 3) You're consumed with your parental duties: So you neglect your baby and start breast feeding your husband. 4) You don't share the same vision of success: Your husband’s idea of success is to make love to you for 3 days a week and give you 46 organisms. But you want him to continue to work at jack in a box as a Brain Surgeon and fry cook and still make love to you 6 days a week: 5) Unmet expectations: So, you want him to retire from being a Hit man! 6) You handle finances in a completely different way: You have none! 7) You're interested in different things: He enjoys skiing in the nude and you enjoy talking to dead people on the radio. 8) You can't fix your problems without a fight: So you plan your vacations around your boxing matches.