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April 19, 2014

Being good at sex isn't always a good thing. What does it really mean to be a "player"?

How Being Good in Bed Can Be Bad

By King Christopher

Every guy would love to think that he's good at sex, but vast amounts of women complain about bad sex from their partner more than anything, probably more common with married women. So if you're a man, how do you know if you're good in bed? And if you are... believe it or not it can work against you in some ways. Are men who womanise or considered “players” any better at sex just because they manage to date more women?


The Bad Thing About Being Good

1. You can become her sex slave. Women who are really being pleased want more sex, it can be exhausting keeping up with her sex drive. Also, If she's satisfied then it will be hard to get rid of her and she'll take up more of your time.


2. The better you are in bed, the worst you are at pursing women. I'll be the first to admit that I am terrible at pursing a woman that I really like. That's why I believe women should look for a guy that doesn't say or do the right things. The more of a “player” the worse he probably is in bed.


3. Trouble! If you have sex with a woman you don't like and the sex was good for her, then she might cause a lot of trouble because she thinks she just got used. This is even worse if you're a married man cheating. If the woman wants to, she can tell his wife or extort him in some way.


(When women bitch about how some guy “played” her, she's really pissed of that he was a disappointment in bed)


So if you're a man who wants to sleep around, then it's better to be bad at sex. That's why “players” are good at talking women into dates. And because they don't deal with the same woman very long, they get practice from doing it so many times. The reality of being good in bed makes it too hard to be a womanizer.