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November 10, 2008


I'm sure many have noticed, ok probably no one did! But I hadnt ventured into this site for how ever long I wasnt on. And there's a perfectly good reason for that, which I will explain now.

My laptop got damaged at the back and the plug wouldnt work. I sent it to get fixed, the geniuses changed the hard drive and sent it back! Since then its been a long hardious cat and mouse game to get the laptop back working. But I perservered, and now here we are.

And Im sure you thinking, Well no computer doesnt make a difference, this guy could easily have logged on on another computer. Well you'd be right...........except I didnt know the password and username. all of it was saved on the laptop.

Anyways Im getting bored of ranting. So here ends I. Wish me a warm welcome back, anyone who's reading this.