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June 03, 2011

I rate the best teachers ever

10.  Beth Modica?


  The former PTA president and assistant District Attorney of Sloatsburg, NY was convicted of statutory rape after admitting to having sex with a 16 year old boy, and blowing a 15 year old boy, at her house during her son's pool party.  Modica is a mother of four and was married, at the time, to the Spring Valley chief of police.  She's not very hot, she's not technically a teacher, and she's a little long in the tooth, but she makes the cut anyway.  She had pool parties for her son and his friends, bought them weed, bought them beer, and blew them (not including her son) in the bathroom.  Top that high school experience.  If she was hot, it would be the greatest night a teenagers ever had. 

9.  Christine McCallum


 The Boston area teacher is accused of the statutory rape of a 13-14 year old boy over a 1 1/2 year relationship.  McCallum, allegedly first had sex with the teenage boy on her couch while her husband was sleeping upstairs.  She ended the relationship in November 2007, because she thought the boy was using the phone she bought him to text other girls.  They had sex one last time and exchanged "I Love You's" after this falling out. OK, that's a little young for my liking, but I thought it was so ridiculous I had to add it.  They reportedly had sex every other day for 18 months.  What exactly did her husband do for a living?  I assume he was either in Iraq or in a coma.  And he's still standing by her side.  Really? 

8.  Kym Krocza


  The Fox Lake, Illinois math teacher was found guilty of contributing to criminal delinquency, when she had students clean her home in return for Zoloft, weed, and beer.  I don't see the problem.  It's two teenagers learning the value of a hard days work.  You gonna tell your kid not to work?  What is that gonna teach them?  Brilliant move by Ms. Krocza here.  You could give a 14 year old kid a 6 pack and a bag of oregano and they'll clean your septic tank.  That's American ingenuity.  We should be rewarding her, not condemning her. 

7.  Brittni Colleps

  The Arlington, TX english teacher and basketball coach is accused of having an orgy with 5 students at her house while her husband was serving overseas.  All of the young men were 18 or older, but Texas state law prohibits any sexual relationship with a student and teacher.  Leave it to Texas to have a ridiculous law like that.  If 5 seniors want to run a train on the english teacher, God bless em'.  That's a little too much meat for my party, but hey, these guys were 18 years old.  They matured, or regressed, 15 years ?in one crazy afternoon. 

  I wanna know how many high-fives occurred during that orgy.  I want high-five evidence and high-five testimony.  It had to be record breaking.  I bet it was the starting five of the basketball team.  They would have the right kind of chemistry to orchestrate a successful gang bang (Five seniors that played together for 4 years.  Like the Fab Five, but they stayed all four years for this one moment.  They didn't blow it.  They didn't call time out when they had no time outs left.  They rose to the occasion.)  Do you think there was a guy waiting on the bench to get in the game?  The 6th man.  "C'mon coach.  I can play.  I can do it coach."  


  6.  Carrie McCandless

  The Brighton, Colorado social studies teacher was found guilty of having sex with a 17 year old student on a school sponsored camping trip to the Rockies.  Get this.  Her husband was the principal of the charter school where she taught.  What a dick.  Imagine banging the principles wife.  That's ?like banging the homecoming queen when you're in 5th grade.  This kid is probably climbing Everest and inventing important shit somewhere.  Chances are, he's saving lives in some capacity.  This country needs more men like that. Men that will fuck the principles wife on a camping trip.

To be continued...