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July 06, 2015

Some lesser known shark facts that TV WON'T tell you.

Sharks: They’re so fascinating you could talk about them for an entire week and not even scratch the surface. Here are some lesser known shark facts that the fat cats on television WON’T tell you.

The shark’s only natural predator is time.

The movie Jaws used 28 sharks to portray the shark because they kept forgetting they were in a movie and swimming out to sea.

Some female sharks use sperm from multiple males to reproduce (while another shark films it).

Although the movie Jaws was heavily fictionalized, the character Stephen Spielberg is loosely based on a real person.

A cowshark is neither a cow nor a shark — no wait, it’s totally a shark. Sorry, I’m having a weird week.

If you look closely at a shark’s smile you’ll see it’s made of souvenir necklaces.

Most sharks have six fins, which makes it easy to swim but hard to find clothes that fit right.

Tiny thumbs on the pectoral fins make it possible for sharks to offer encouragement to surfers who just caught a bitchin’ wave.

The original title of Shark Tank was Mark Tank, named after its star, Mark Cuban.

Steven Spielberg’s Jaws was originally titled Tyler Perry’s I Ate A Very Bad Thing.

On Halloween, tradition calls for humans to leave a bowl of chum at the beach.

“Shark” sounds like “sharp,” which is a good way to remember that parts of sharks are sharp.

One in every five sharks is an old boot.

Several species of sharks hatch from eggs while still inside their mothers and eat their siblings for nourishment. These sharks are called Wahlbergs.

Most great white sharks are actually good at best.