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July 23, 2008


Wow, haven't blogged in a little while. Not much has happened, I suppose.

I've been keeping a VERY TIGHT VIGILENCE on limo drivers and their littering. Fucking limo drivers.

Oh, I do hear a car alarm, however. That's really fucking annoying. I mean, I'd have to be pretty full of myself to want a guy to deactivate his alarm just so I can sleep, right? It might get stolen. His car is more important than my sleep, I understand that. Except that any old leaf or squirrel can set the damn thing off, and constantly does.

What gets me is that he didn't even ask. I understand that he COULDN'T ask, right? But just by owning the alarm means that he's assuming everyone around is okay with it. That's pretty arrogant, hm? Is it still arrogance if he isn't doing it by accident?

I'd say no, simply because he's thinking innocently, but consider this: If I were to approach him and ask him to uninstall his car alarm so that it wouldn't ever wake me up at night, what would he say? Seems a lot more arrogant all of a sudden, doesn't it? And what can I do? I have work in the morning.

How the bloody hell are we all living together on this planet right now.