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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
5% of the time it works every time baby.

"So your broke your don't have a job or car and you need a place to stay. So there is no f in way your getting the chance to sack up with a sexy lady tonight right!. No your wrong my men, gay ladies and bi people of the world wide web. Because if you use these ideas i am about to give away right now you will be so getting all up in some stank with this tricks of the trade yo. Real easy get yourself into a band or start playing acoustic shows becasue if your broke and can't f*ck like a champ that has a super big fat d*ck and or can lick it like a champ well then my friend your going to flat  f*cked on the whole picking up a super rich a*s sugar mommma. Remeber skills in the sack or on the ax is what is so needed for d*mn sure big pimpin. So yo dog check it if you want a life of gold baby just do as i say and you will be one your way to getting laid every day son!. ( because it's about what she wants if your going to get what you want Um K players). An if you have both well then your one lucky ass mother f*cker an that is for a f*ckin fact jack. Just think you can now f*ck your way to the top of the music world and have the best sex life ever "even when broke as a joke". Now get out there an have some f*ckin fun already you!"



DA Bullfrog

P.S Or just have really good drugs. 



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