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November 09, 2009


Don’t Forget Your


… Haircolor… for some people it is a highlight or two… for some a follicle overhaul….

I a natural brunette, die my hair… yes.. brown, why you ask???? Because I am neurotic. I went lighter chestnut once- then dark ash expresso and cannot seem to get back to my natural medium… no worries I like to play with color.  I maintain, I touch up. You can maintain rather cheaply if you have half a brain. Professional salon stores offer products like Matrix Prizms, Artec, or Clairol professional that offer simple solution to home color. But I have a question…. Why is it that I am so neurotic but I see girls that bleach their hair to an inch of its life… strand that look like hay…. And refuse to maintain their roots!!!!!!! It drives me up a wall.



1)    You are NOT Shakira – you cannot pull off the look…

2)    Commit to a color! If you cannot maintain that brassy shade of blond go to a dark honey you can do at home!

3)    Long Hair is beautiful… ONLY if you trim once and a while.. If you grab the tip of your hair and it comes to s stragley - CUT IT..IT IS FRIED AND GROSSSSS!   

4)    Go a shade darker- NOBODY except some random scandanavians look good platinum.

5)    BIG BLACK ROOTS and yellow hair look white trash- my experience though- usually the girls who do this are white trash- but do you want to look it??? Why not just work at Hooters while your at it? Complete the dark roots look with some shiny panty hose J



I wish I could walk around with gang of homosexuals coloring and conditioning the world J