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March 26, 2018

Impact Brass is a well known name in the field of manufacturing and shipping of various premium luggage cart. It is an enterprise owned by Bobi Hamilton. She is a pioneer in the designing and manufacturing of custom menu and presentation binder covers. Her work defines style, creativity and innovation. She has worked with various well known names in the field of hospitality, fashion, restaurant, sports and a broad array of industries for whom she has developed award-winning products in more than 30-year career of hers. At Impact Brass, we make sure that all our products exhibit superior quality and are available at a price that is affordable for everyone. Our premium mini luggage cart possess the quality of increasing your brand name. We have happy and satisfied domestic as well as overseas customers. They are all satisfied with our ability to build custom sized bellman carts, luggage trolleys, and other custom brass or stainless steel hotel products. Our famous products, luxury bellman carts and hotel bellcarts and Five Diamond Bellman Carts, are built with welded joints for long-term durability. Our international customers always acknowledge our Five Diamond bell carts for superior quality and price. There are variety of customization options available for hotel bellman cart like- Bellcart-2 Sets Of Side Bars Bellman Carts - Mini Bellman Cart With Side Bars Custom Bell Cart Bellman Cart - Satin Brass Bellman Cart Stainless Bell Cart - Mini - Satin Finish We have redesigned our five diamond hotel bellman carts. It is now more sophisticated and gives an unique look along with added strength. Our all new ‘Paris Parallel Rail’ construction of these bell carts allows even distribution of weight for hanging items. It discards the central stress point that is usually found in the ‘crisscross’ design of some hotel luggage cart products. The beautiful and strong frame of these bell carts is includes 2” O.D. solid brass tubing and components, with the option of stainless steel and stainless steel components. Satin brass hotel bellman carts ara a distinctive and attractive addition to luggage transport products. We provide the manufacturing and shipping of many products like- Brass Tubing Bellman Carts Menu Stands Ropes & Accessories Sneeze Guards Stanchions - Post & Ropes - Crowd Control Impact Brass manufactures and ships brass stanchions, stainless steel stanchions, metal posts and ropes, crowd control posts and ropes, retractable belt stanchions and other public area products to all industries in various sectors. We are known for the high quality crowd control products and our ability to customize these public area products according to our customer's needs. We manufacture stanchions in different heights with options of different shapes and weights for bases. Powder coated posts, chrome posts, brass posts, and stainless steel posts can all be customized according to our customer's particular requirements. Custom printed belts for our retractable belt posts provide as popular advertising opportunities for different companies. Find us at : Impact Enterprises, Inc. - 6550 South Pecos Road Las Vegas, Nevada 89120 Or Impact Enterprises, Inc. - 11 Horse Hill Warwick, New York 10990

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