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By King Christopher (radio show host)

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April 01, 2013

Reasons the world would be a better place if everyone was nude.

Why The World Should Be Nude

By King Christopher


Ever notice how peaceful it seems in a nudist colony? What would happen if everyone in the world went nude? With everyone literally exposed, just think of all the problems in the world that could be solved almost instantly. If everyone went nude I think it would help stop the madness from guns to relationships.


Equality: When you get a group of naked people together, everyone starts to look the same. People would actually be less horny. In the nude world, even if a guy gets a boner over a woman on the subway it won't last long when a not so pretty ass bumps up against him. But if you do have men who are too horny? They would most likely be pushed out of the communities.


Fighting: No more war! Because studies show that men won't fight when they're naked.


Sex Crimes: I think crimes against women would drop. With glamor gone, men living in a nude world wouldn't be so obsessed with one woman if she's already naked, so there would probably be a lot less stalking.


Shootings: Nude world wouldn't have much gun violence since you can't hide firearms on your body if you're naked. People would notice someone with weapons a lot easier.


Mood: Everyone would be a lot more mellow and polite to each other. People would probably trust each other easier and do more business.


Relationships: People would probably be more logical about who they date since it wouldn't be so much about sex anymore. In a nude world you would probably end up with someone who's body chemistry matches yours.