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September 11, 2012

Danny Beans has a couple ideas that he wants to see come to life


Im gonna make this film about like this guy that is like kinda cool, but also kinda rude to people. Like hes not mean or anything ya know? Like hes got kinda an attitude that’s kinda badass. I met him at like a bus stop or something like whatever that part isn’t that important so forget I mentioned it. Like I figure I could just like follow him around or whatever maybe like kinda get a feel for his life or whatever. After Ill edit it or whatever to be like kinda like showing how his life is and sorta kinda like make it so that hes badass but also kinda nice to people and like maybe people will enjoy his story orwhatever? Hes pretty dope honestly youd like him if you met him. I think like this would be cool two cause he could get more followers on twitter or whatever, and this shit would be hilarious cause no joke hes a gas on that shit. Got mad jokes, likes if you’re an ugly girl don’t bother lol you aint for me. Just awesome deep shit like that. So kidan like just want people to here his story ok cool bye. 


Ok like hears another idea. Lik what if we find this dude that has like 3 girlfriends or whatever like amaybe more or something and lke we follow him and see what its like case I bet that shit would be wilde like I would love to see what its like to have three girlfriends no joke I bet that shit is dope lol. So then like we could do a couple other things where like we show him like fuking them and like it wouldn’t be porn or whatever itd just be like realy sexual and pretty and people would be like wow that’s dope and then like whateer send it to a couple different parties or whatever they show small movies at? What is it? K then we could like have a parti after and invite differnet girls and then like maybe make acouple of them ur girls and like bring them home show them your itunes collection, got like 213 songs no joke, mad comedy 2 im all about that shit. Maybe show her my vin diesel dvd collection wow her withthat shit get them panties wet. I KNOW YOU NO WHAT I MEAN. Anyway yeah that’s another idea I have so we could do that or whatever no biggie.


yo my dog is mad cute, no joke, that might be a good story


Ok so hereres another. I got this uncle who has like a big ass truck. Lol no joke that shit is huge. Hes got like mad shit on it two like flames and shit. THEY AINT REAL CHILL THE FUCK OUT, daym dumass peple thinking my uncle got real flames on his truck and shit like goddamn ur dumb. Anyway, god getting me off track and shit, whatever, so like we could film him, or whatever, you have a camera right? We could film him and them maybe see like if some dope story happens? I don’t know that storys not like totally created yet im just spitting fuck you dam


Yo so no joke, my dude has this girl hows strate up crazy, got like pils and shit to take to make her less right, so what if we just filmed her cuase I like I bet crazy ass storyes would happen cuase no joke this bitch is like Madonna crazy. She seriously don’t give a fuck lol. Anyway where was i? daym I get mad distracted quick huh, anyway whatever shes like crazy and shit and maybe we through shit at her to make her more crazy? That wuld be be ond funny , and maybe make like a good story. Maybe like put her in a conviencenece store and then like hwne shes checkin out or whatever like pull her hair and run away and then like ask the dude behind the  counter for the video from his cameras make that shit like a reality tv show. Daym that shit would be mad funny now that I think of it. K so that’s that idea , sell that shit


K so like my friend jean lol yeah like a girls name ,   hes like mad good at getting girls and maybe like we could follow him and like get tips from him how to? Like maybe go to a club dt (downtown} an then like see wht he says to girls t o get them to come home or whatever like one time I herad him say like ~yo how old are you you get your period yet or whatever? Either way whatever ur good to go so let s take off,` and no shit that shit worked it was dope lol. So like maybe that could just be the whole thing, make that shit like 3 minutes long, maybe have like in interview where like I ask him, yo so whats that like slayin the veeg is it cool, how though do you do it? Is it hard can a guy like me learn? That shit would be dope so you should teach. Anyway so did you do it when you were growing up or did you r dad teach u or whatever. Then like be e like ok cool mad good interview good job jean ( but theb like still laff at his name to cause that shsit is mad funny( and thank him and be like nice man see you soon and then like have flashing credits or whatever you know, lol this movie sounds dope lol


Lol my mom once thru a beer bottle at my dad I feel like we could make some movie outta that shit maybe who knows lol 



Also what about a movie about chirstmas or something I fee l like whild shit happens al the time then. I dunno maybe like there s someone dude whos like steeling shit from people or whatever and like we follow him and then like cell all the presents he gets and make mad money of that shit and then sell the movie 2 and make money off that shit and then invest that shit in some fucking narcotics make a solid investment that shit pays off you know? Anyway lol I feel like that wold be pretty dope. My uncle made some dope investments dude has like a boat now twoo and its like nasty big, like steering weal and shit no joek. Daym now I want to go on that shit, its dope. Prolly gets mad silly amounts of crazy nasty vag on that thing. Whatever im related to him so that’s dope. So maybe something like that or whatever what did I say this should be bout at the begining ?,



     lol no joke one time ths trill ass bitch came up to mee an was like yo who does ur hair I ? was like lol what the fuck back up off my shit and ran all the way home no joke was mad sweaty being like daym I ran mad far. My mom was like lol ur mad sweaty why? Iwas like FUCK YOU MOM WHERE MY PORNMAGS AT DAYM, she got mad scared lol, gave me them shits real quick. Anyway whatever thats just a sotry so like maybe make that shit someting



my dude does performances and shit whatever mad weird but anyway he his dad was at one show and he was like daym take off dude lol thats shits mad weir.d anyway like what if we did something like that where some kid gets mad at his dad lol and like flips or whatever. something alone those lines where elike he sends lke his dad a bag of dog piles and like doesnst tell him whats really in it? something like that and like make it look fake but also kinda real like at the same time? i feel like shit would be mad cool to watch like make it look lke it wasn't painted or someshit? is that like an affect you can do or what ?) does dave do those? mad luv



lol sometime when my brother gets nervous or whatever hell like clap a lot ? lol its mad weierd 



what about something like when that dude one the olypmics with like only one ball? that stretch armstrong em effer ? lol anyway that dude did that shit like road a bike or whatever with only testy i feel like he could have a movie or whatever if liked you askehd him shit like yo what was that like or daym thats crazy something along those lines. ,, and then belike lol mad weird and be like yo can we see and then laff or whatever when he shows his ball, lol HA HA HA. cool so like then we ask his wife shit two?right? and so like we find out shit about her, maybe fullow her butt don't tell her or whatever and like wahtever follow her in the grocery store and see what she buys. lol nah i wouldn't do that shit less you paid me or whatever, would you?how much,



so anyway my sotry skills are through the roogh so maybe like just sit me on a stool or whatever in fromt of some sheet or whatever an just have me tell storys and like then like maybe have someone reanimate them or something? like south park? lol that show is mad funny , remeber that episode wih like snooki that bitch is mad ugly i was dying no joke striate up on the floor dyin, anyway. lol so i got mad stores like one time i was at my dads YEAH MY PARENTS ARE DIVROCED FUCK YOU THAT SHIT WAS NO JOKE and like i wanted oreos cookies and then like i realized like that shit would be mad funny to eat the middle white shit and put the black cookies back or whatever. daym my brother was so heated when he found that shit no joke, he flipp.ed. but whatever he's mad littler than me so iwasnt stressing. anway thats one of my stories its no biggie but like i feel like that shit would be mad funny to see in reel life. anyway 1