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Published March 13, 2011
United States :

President Obama Too Weak & Ignorant To Quit Smoking, Can He really Lead the USA?

The question comes immediately to mind whether, President Obama, possesses the intelligence, strength and human willpower to lead the most powerful democratic country in the world if he allows himself to be physically and emotionally dragged round by “tar & nicotine.”

The question goes deeper.

How powerful and potent a leader a President can Obama truly be if too weak to quit the smoking habit.

Common sense intelligence manifests at the very least, that the man must know smoking kills and can kill him; yet he continues to do so, why?

I welcome the first media person cornering Obama in an interview asking him the following:

“President Obama, do you fully understand smoking will/can kill you”?

If he answers “no” he is obviously too ignorant to lead the United States of America,

and, if replying “yes,”

can American citizenry really place full faith and confidence in a US president lacking willpower and intelligence to save his own life by quitting? Not quitting merely means one thing = stupidity!

Either way, President Obama, fully manifests himself to American citizenry, as well as the United Nations and international community, as a weak impotent leader in his continuing his nicotine habit, smoking.

If he can’t whip up enough willpower to kick the habit, can he whip up enough willpower to lay down the law on Iran, to make tough decisions about sending additional troops into Pakistan and not bowing before the Saudi King?

No way! And I personally further question his common sense. If he has a drug abuse problem, maybe he needs a rehab!

By Jill Starr NJ USA