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October 02, 2011

The Playboy Bunny that left the Crypt Keeper -- sorry I meant Hugh Hefner, would like her own Reality Show.

Hugh Hefner with Crystal Harris

Crystal Harris the Playboy Bunny that left the Crypt Keeper Hugh Hefner at the altar faster than the hare left the tortoise in Aesop's fable would like her own reality show.   Even though the details of the show haven't been leaked yet, I got a good idea of how the show is going to work.  Each week Hugh's ex-fiancé will propose to a new man.  The wedding will be set for the end of the week but before the wedding can happen she'll call it off.  So it'll be a lot like The Bachelor except more boobs and more superficial.

It looks like the old turd, tortoise which in this case is Hugh is going to win again.   If only the late Anna Nicole Smith could've penned a book, "How to Marry An Old Rich Fart Without Them Touching Your Lady Parts And Still Leave You Millions," then Crystal wouldn't be at the mercy of reality TV.