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Additional Credits:
Darko Trifunovic, Jill Starr, Republika Srpska
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Published March 10, 2011

The Law Projects Center Information the CIA & US Department of State Ignored That Could Have Prevented The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks On the Twin Towers In NYC.


Former Diplomat at Bosnian Mission to United Nations in NYC Who Confessed To Being International Arms Trader For Osama bin Laden post 9/11 and Send Out of USA Persona Non Grata. When working at Bosnian Mission Then (I worked on his computer).

Darko Trifunovic and I tried warning the CIA, other UN member missions in
NYC and the US State Dept via fax communiqué about this danger prior 9/11, but were dismissed by various Clinton administration officials, as merely "Serb Nationalists, fascists and war criminals" as part of Clinton’s overall and demonization campaign against all Serbs.


Darko Trifunovic points out that Al Qaeda Algerian militant Abu Mali, worked in the Bosnian mission to the United Nations after the war under a Bosnian name, Safet Catovic.Darko Trifunovic points out that Al Qaeda Algerian militant Abu Mali, worked in the Bosnian mission to the United Nations after the war under a Bosnian name, Safet Catovic.

Darko Trifunovic points out that Al Qaeda Algerian militant Abu Mali, worked in the Bosnian mission to the UN in Manhattan 2001-2002 after the war under a Bosnian name, Safet Catovic. Darko Trifunovic and Jill Starr worked together at the Bosnian Mission to the United Nations in NYC in 2001-2002 together and I, Jill Starr,l verify this. I used to work on Mali's computer at the Mission because it always was getting fouled up with computer viruses. Another Bosnian Serb, who also worked in the mission at the time, said he became suspicious of who Catovic really was because he spoke poor
Bosnian. As a result, Trifunovic said he lost a job in the mission and moved to Belgrade.

Description: https://sites.google.com/site/jillstarrsite/_/rsrc/1259686602062/the-law-projects-center-information-the-cia-us-department-of-state-ignored-that-could-have-prevented-the-9-11-terrorist-attacks-on-the-twin-towers-in-nyc/aq55.gif



The information the CIA & US Department of State ignored that could have prevented 9/11. Darko trifunovic and I faxed every United Nations member state "mission" immediately prio to
9/1, but in particular the United States Mission to the United Nations, CIA and US Department of State slammed the door on our information citing we were merely "Serb Nationalists" during the Bill Clinton administration. WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

Jill Starr , From the Book Darko Trifunovic and I Wrote The Bosnian Midel of Al Qaeda Terrorism (Modus Operandi) It can probably still be found and read online. Last time I checked it was posted on the website: http://www.analyst-network.com/profile.php?user_id=240.

Darko Trifunovic and I Visit Senator Jim Nicholson in DC


We both drove to Washington DC together to meet with Republican Senator, Jim Nicholson. Darko spent the night at his house and I in a hotel room on the Beltway. We had brought with us tons of secret information on Al Qaeda operatives with us for this visit but Darko left it all with me in my room and Senator Nicholson did not view it.
Senator Nicholson took us out to breakfast early that morning and told us that "In DC, we are all a bunch of paid whores for campaign contributions." The Republika Srpska Information Agency was very generous to help America fight terrorism on many occasions. The boxes I stayed with that night had papers and photos of tons of Al Qaeda operatives.


The Republika Srpska in Bosnia had greater information about attempted terrorist attacks on America post 9/11 then the CIA and FBI did. Several times I spoke with,Darko Trifunovic, on the telephone after he returned to Serbia and he warned me numerous times that I ought not take the Lincoln Tunnel to and from NYC for at least at month because of his own intelligence information emanating from the Former Yugoslavia that possible terrorist attacks in NYC were almost eminent at various times. But ordinary America citizens  never heard these warnings from the CIA and US news media warning American citizenry here. I wondered why but was helpless to warn other Americans because no one listened to me or Darko.

Jill Louise Starr "My own personal experience working with, Darko Trifunovic, Serbian officials working in government towards fighting organized crime and terrorism worldwide, globally manifests the importance of Serbia working along with other countries in combined efforts for mutual benefit in this endeavor.

Serbian officials fighting organized crime are very seriously committed about getting the job done with highest degree of moral integrity and professionalism. Even more so than I dare say the American, FBI (from my personal experiences in USA)."

Neither, American officials nor American CIA agents paid any attention to thisinformation that "" that Osama bin Laden himself was physically present in person and operating in Kosovo in 1999," merely Bill Clinton''s CNN media outlet claimed it was merely the "Serb and Milosevic Propaganda Machine.”...More to Come on this story.


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