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February 04, 2009


a little readin befor bedtime can be very relaxing,
dont think so tonight lil dude. i wouldnt fight  it, just
get up and get educated.... check out page 146, "taming
the dragon." think this might just suite you well...

jimbobalouie sez...

Here's your winners, my friend. And keep up the good work.

From jimbobalouie

Well done fellow Capologists. There were a lot of creative and hilarious barbs in your submissions. These are the ones that provided giggles and guffaws.

The Oscar for Best Soft Porn Image

Dr Who: Kermie you're not going to show this to anyone are you?

The image of this union and all of the inherent possibilities creeps me out to this day.

The Nobel Prize for Warped Minds

Jason2k1: ALWAYS wear a condom during incest!

Great twist on a not so obvious perception.

The PETA People’s Choice Award for Planned Parenthood

Borrowed Time: So that's where the Muppet Babies came from.

My kids would be devastated but I laughed my ass off.

Honorable Unmentionables (Great Quips)

Ian Renga: All the inner beauty in the world couldn't put enough lipstick on this pig.

I’m a fan of politically incorrect.

Narado: " I'd like to eat THAT pig from the rooter to the tooter! "

BBQ’d or raw?