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July 02, 2010


The long work of recovering and restoring the ecosystem of this region from the oil spill disaster has begun. With each passing day the list of volunteers grows. Other people of all ages throughout the world, unable to take part in this hands-on work, are finding many ways to contribute. Here are several things individuals, families, and groups can do:

• Organize a fundraiser with a local environmental group you belong to, within your faith community, or with family and friends. Fundraising ideas include: sell Fair Trade coffee and tea; prepare a lunch or dinner that includes one or more popular recipes from the Gulf region; sponsor a walkathon, danceathon, or another kind of –athon; collect gently used books, DVD’s, computer and board games, clothing, and other reusable stuff and sponsor a Gulf Garage Sale.  custom essay writer

• Collect loose change at the end of each day in a Green Philanthropy Bank. Recycle an empty jar from your bin; create your own label for it or print one of ours, preferably on scrap or recycled paper, at our website: www.greenphilanthropyforfamilies.org

• “Give it up for the Gulf.” This is an easy and simple way individuals, families, giving circles and other groups can raise funds. Make a list of what you, your family, or group would be willing to give up for a week or however long and donate the amount of money you save at the end of that time. You could, for example: take your lunch to work instead of buying it; check out a book from the library instead of purchasing it; go on a local green outing you can walk or bike to instead of taking in a movie or dining out.