Well, we did it East Ghost Division! Children Singing has taken down Vincent Price’s Laugh from Thriller as Spookiest Sound 2014. And while the good news is the best sound won, I’d be remiss if didn’t say a word about the death of my West Ghost commentator, Matt Klinman. As you may or may not have heard, Matt passed away the other night denying me the opportunity to collect my reward and kick him hard as I could in the dick. And before you ask, yes, I did kick his corpse in the dick during the wake this morning but it just wasn’t the same. He barely even flipped over. Sure it was fun to make his kids watch me disgrace their dad’s body but, man, it woulda been nice to see him really just grab his dick in pain. I was even wearing cleats hoping that it would somehow wake up him but, alas no. Immediately after being ejected from the funeral home, I sat down to write this post.

Congrats to Children Singing and enjoy your haunted victory lap. For the rest of you, better luck in 2015. And who knows—maybe next year’s Ghost Howl will be from Matt, himself.

Good bless. Now take it away kids

(8) Children Singing

PS - Halloween is a disgusting, Satanic ritual and you’ll all burn in hell for participating in this tournament.