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March 24, 2013

Metaphysical debate about the inherent passing of words

I sometimes wonder if the exorcist ´s movie girl had a bad digestion of beans . 

The news in spanglish are better understood than in english . It´s not the same to be a pachorruo than a tolete just as it´s not the same to eat toilet paper in a gala reception and spit it over the honored person . The former is the one that does a form and the later is the guy who cannot arrive on time.Oh Sarah ,you were great , have a good life there in Montreal but don´tgo up to have an skimo reception or you got to sleep with the husband or wife or something .

As  I said Nietzche cried sometime and they made a movie about that . Hope it´s not a trend or there would be a lot of bomb movies around about philosophers crying for whatever the reason.

But getting back to the point it´snot the same viruje than jilorio , they ´re brothers , colombian .Sons of Columbus . Sons of Columbus , sound like they should win a grammy in the country category.