You know how in Beetlejuice if you say Beetlejuice’s name three times he appears? Turns out there’s a similar (but different/cuter) thing with Taylor Swift—if you recite Tay’s lyrics, and so does your best friend, and you are both v. famous BFF English actors/knights, and you make sure to tweet at Taylor so she definitely knows about this, you will automatically, as if by magic, get inducted into her #squad.

Allow us to explain a little more: Earlier this week Ian McKellen did a video with Yahoo in which he recited “Bad Blood” and “Uptown Funk”…

…while McKellen’s best friend Patrick Stewart did a dramatic reading of “Blank Space” on NPR’s Ask Me Another.

Then Stewart tweeted at Swift just to make sure she saw what they did, which of course she did, and she had a super cute response, and then we all DIEd:

Still no invite from Taylor for us to squad up with her, even though we are saying her lyrics out loud like ALL the time, but maybe it just got lost in the mail??