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August 17, 2008


I have to explain before i get into this next post is I'm a truly sick bastard.Read any sakblabbath blogs on here funny or die,my geocities website,myspace website or even my Live journal blog called misanthrope65 to find how sick I truly am.As a goof I became a lindsay lohan myspace friend.Who knows how long this will last.I just ask her when she was going to cover a gorgoroth song.For people who don't their true norwegian black metal Gorgoroth been around for years until Gaahl and King split from Infernus,(came up with the name for the band).Or,maybe Infernus split from Gaahl..who really cares except Gorgoroth fans.It's a black metal version of a soap opera.They're arguing over the name like we don't have enough black metal bands squeezing the teets of J.R.R.Tolkien's Middle earth.Gorgoroth is the name of a dead plateau in the land of Morder.If I wanted to get kicked off Lindsay lohan's myspace site in one day flat.I would have asked when she covering Exhorder's Anal Lust.Once again,I must explain for the non-metal heads out there.Particularly cause Exhorder is an old school thrash metal from NOLA only I think got an independent record label.Exhorder had the Pantera sound when Pantera was still glam metal.Pantera are rock gods and the guys from Exhorder are probably flipping burgers to make end meet.Anal Lust was their big famous song and I think Lindsay Lohan do a good job like when Debbie Gibson did a song with the Circle Jerks.But,both Gibson and the circle jerks was passed both of their primes and nobody really cared.If I want to write about metal music I have a blog called the ninth circle of hell on angelfire.I just gonna keep writing stuff on Lindsay Lohan site until I get kicked off cause I think it's funny.Plus,I still wondering how she got out of the trunk of my old car that ditched in a halfway house long ago.Praise be to Sakblabbath.