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June 17, 2011

Gay Marriage in New York

  Should people of the same sex be allowed to marry?  The Democrat dominated New York State Assembly voted in favor of the Governor Andrew Cuomo-led same-sex marriage bill, 80-63 on Wednesday.  Today, the vote moves to the floor of the New York Senate.  If it passes, which many believe it will, it could be enacted as early as Tuesday.  Cue the Lady Gaga.  It's about fucking time.  You see, this vote has passed the state assembly level before, but has been shot down on the floor of the senate by all-too-common party politics.

  New York will join Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Iowa, New Hampshire, and the District of Colombia as states or districts, that legally recognize same-sex marriage.  In other words, states that aren't completely fucking insane.  Excuse me in advance if this sounds a bit rantish or cunty, but I'm fairly passionate about this issue.  Firstly, why would anybody care who someone else marries?  Secondly, why are objectors fighting so hard to protect a "sanctity" of marriage that is laughable at best?  Married people don't even like each other judging by the app. 45% divorce rate.  That's just the 45% that goes through with it.  You have to believe at least half of the other 55% stay together for their kids or some other illogical moral reasoning.  That leaves us with about 1/4 of couples that kinda like each other.  So lets say 10% of marriages will be happy marriages.

  I'm giving you these statistics for a reason.  I have a point somewhere in here.  More like a theory.  Let's start with the things we know to be facts.  Men and women are idiots.  Men and women together are bigger idiots.  It makes perfect sense really.  We're biologically different.  We may be constructed to reproduce, but nobody said anything about being wired to share a studio apartment in the East Village.  God didn't get that far in his planning.    

  So my point is, who would be more successful at marriage than gay men and women?  They're the same sex.  They understand each other and can actually communicate when something is wrong, because they can relate to how the other person is feeling.  Not to mention, they can both relate to growing up in a society that didn't embrace or accept them.  Gay men and women have an unbreakable bond that straight people could never fully grasp.

  Now, what happens when people stay together in a loving relationship?  That's right.  They have children that grow up in a loving, caring environment.  What does that mean?  Right again.  They grow up as caring, productive members of society.  Most importantly, with exception obviously, these kids become good people and good adults.  Wouldn't that be crazy?  Adults that are good people.  Or we could do business as usual and hide behind a shroud of antiquated logic and broken moral compasses, under the guise of religion and morality.  

  I've talked at length to friends about my ideal relationship.  My ideal partner is a someone that will watch sports with me, knows their way around the kitchen and the grill, likes going to movies, is smart and very funny, kind to others, a good person, and someone that gives top-notch blow jobs.  Now tell me that doesn't sound like a dude.  Trust me, if I was into banging dudes I would definitely choose a man over a woman, because I get men.  I know how they tick.  I know exactly how to give a blow job and I've never given one before.  That speaks volumes.  Look at all the red tape gay men and women cut through.  

  I understand that this fight is more about equality and less about the actual right to marry.  I'm just trying to bring forth a different perspective in support of gay marriage by dispelling the rumor that straight people are any good at marriage.  New York Senators, when you vote today, take a good look in the mirror and honestly ask yourself this.  Do I have the right to choose who another person is allowed to marry?  Of course not.  If you don't agree with me you can go fuck yourself and you shouldn't be reading this blog anyway.