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Published March 27, 2009 More Info ยป
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Published March 27, 2009
THIS IS THE CLOSEST PICTURE I COULD COME UP TO COMMENSURATE MARCH MADNESS. WHY DID SHE BRING A SOCCER BALL INSTEAD OF A BASKETBALL?? YOU TELL ME...CAP AWAY MY FRIENDS...WINNERS: THIS IS THE LAST WINNER LIST I RECEIVED SO IM USING IT FOR TONIGHTS CONTEST..STRO32 SEZ..First, the sexual innuendo HM'sDorinLooks like arse-on!mostlyunscri...If you press the right button, she acts as an extinguisher as well.sabre419And now my dear, it's your turn to slide down a pole.Bronze: JoeLeeThreeAre you sure? I didn't see any kid in there.There's only one con with her, she has baggage, but not anymore!Silver: tridentma'am, it's civilians like you that made me join the Fire Department. I am now going to carry you straight to room 219 of the Red Roof Inn to stop, drop, roll, grab, caress, smack, squeeze, knead, poke, prod, & teabag to complete my service obligationI'll have to recall that next time a sorority has a bush fire.Gold: Borrowed_TimeIn training, fire fighters are taught to grab the essentials first. Too bad for the family dog, cat, and the two uglier residents of the home.You can win this one just not WSS's! J/k but too bad for the ugly residents!