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December 23, 2008


well, i see that ive been slacking a bit with my outpouring of thoughts latetly, so here comes a new one.  for the 7 people that read this, i know you're excited.  im excited because 7 people is probably 4 more than the real number, so if im that popular...i just dont know what to think.  additionally, i see that there are some font options here ive never noticed, perhaps because my eyes have been blurred out by my non stop staredown with my monitor (for the record, the monitor's leading 17-2...once the power went out and another time i just turned it off because i really felt like i was due for a win) so now as you can see, ive switched my font.  ok, its back..ive decided that to sit and write for any amount of space on the fact there's font options here would be sad.  it wouldnt really be me creating thoughts about anything that could be even mistaken as interesting thought.  hmm what could be slightly more interesting?  how about the fact that life needs soundtracks.
well think about this?  how many times have you had some sort of moment where if it were on the silver screen, it'd have some sort of momentous indie hit or john williams score?  im going to presume never, since i dont think anyone ever thinks on any wavelength that resembles mine (its more up and down than the (insert stock market here), the wavelength that is).  this "joke" is done now to place my thought here in a time period that says "this guy was definitely writing in 2008".  but thats an irrelevant idea, whether it be 2008 or 1988 when the hockey was still fast and fuhr-ious and atari may or may for certainly been a part of my life, time doesnt really matter.  its allll about the music, though it seems im always a few generations behind. 
for instance, name some "current" stuff that could make your "soundtrack".  i'll give you a minute...though you could make it all up given i dont have a clue already what you're talking about.  i mean i only recently started getting into the works of this little band called radiohead.  (i hope they go somewhere, unlike my loose train of thought on the need of soundtrackage)  well i think its still relevant...i mean look at some of the pivotal movies of oh, i dont know...the 80s.  something like a "ferris bueller's day off" (or i guess this is a major title so ferris bueller's day off [theres an english lesson for you people in there]) but i mean ive gone to museums before, who hasnt? ive stared at things in the museum, and the women that didnt notice would have become more fun to look at with a little sound.  those paintings didnt suddenly get more zoomed in or anything; this is where music becomes key.  with certain musical choices, a museum could become anything
with some john williams, you could feel like doing something bold while involving extra terrestrials, kissing brothers and sisters and reborn sean connerys (star wars fans, dont tell me you thought that luke and leia making out was normal, cause it wasnt.  it was just weird.  seriously) with some dream academy, glass tiger or anything involving kenny loggins, you know you have the building blocks for the greatest 80s montages ever; i mean kenny loggins only did 80s hits (caddyshack, top gun, footloose)...without loggins where would six degrees of kevin bacon be?  somewhere, but how else could you connect bacon to chevy chase in one move, you tell me.
anyways, i doubt i found a good reason to believe my idea here on soundtracks and their necessity for making the living of life a little more interesting, but i have to go for a walk now; walmarts open 24/7 right now and with christmas eve happening in roughly 17 hours and i work till its closed, i should probably go for a little stroll.  it'll be fun...everythings good and snowy out there, and when you dont have any boots and your shoes are leaky, life becomes that much more awesome.  but as you stop reading, probably for the last time given the crappy nature of this message, try doing stuff while playing some kind of music.  heck, reuse some other movies song and event surrounded by it.  im thinking of going outside your window with a trenchcoat on and my boombox held high, to win you back with "in your eyes" by peter gabriel.  who is he?  whats the movie im referring to? its say anything check it out and things will make sense to you...and again you'll see why the 80s had the best movies (it was allll about the soundtracks)