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May 22, 2013

Arrested Development hits Netflix on May 26th with an all-new season and, hopefully, a lot of the same great running gags we've come to know and love. Been a while since you've watched? Here is an admittedly incomplete list of some great gags you should remind yourself of before the Season 4 premiere.

Arrested Development hits Netflix on May 26th with an all-new season and, hopefully, a lot of the same great running gags we've come to know and love. Been a while since you've watched? Here is an admittedly incomplete list of some great gags you should remind yourself of before the Season 4 premiere.


This is the Bluth family. Arrested Development centers around them almost entirely, despite not being called The Bluths or The Jason Bateman Show.

(Left to right: G.O.B, Buster, Maeby, George Michael, Michael, Tobias, Lucille, George, Sr., Lindsay)



"I've made a huge mistake" is a frequently recurring quote most frequently said by G.O.B, but often uttered by other Bluth family members as well. Turns out a lot of mistakes were made by members of the Bluth family, but all in the name of comedy. Man, this show is so funny, but I'm sure you know that already.



Although never actual stated, Tobias' use of double-entendres made many a viewer question his sexuality. "Not that there's anything wrong with that!" Oops, wrong show. Oh man, sometimes I get my comedies mixed up, but that's not to take away anything from how great Arrested Development is. It's easily one of THE BEST comedies of all-time. Ask anyone!


Buster greets everybody by their relation to him, such as "brother," or "nephew" or "father/uncle dad." It's a funny recurring gag, but also kind of sweet. You know, I think that's the sort of thing that makes great comedies great. You need jokes, but you also need characters you want to watch. Also, it's really funny when he says "hermano" instead of "brother." I mean, it's simple, but it gets me everyime. So choice!




The phrase "no touching" is frequently said by the guards at the Orange County Prison, where George, Sr. is an inmate. Prison policy states that inmates and visitors are not allowed to touch each other, and so the rule is enforced pretty strictly. Some internet sleuths have even suggested that the "no touching" policy is because of the guards' OCD. As in, O.C.D.O.C (Orange County Department of Corrections.) You know, sometimes I fee like I'm not smart enough to watch this show, and it makes me sad, but then a good jokes makes me laugh and I'm happy again. I tell you, it's like Arrested Development is the answer to its own problems. A true champion of comedy!



Each member of the Bluth family has their own version of a Chicken Dance that they use to mock and ridicule others, usually other family members. None of these dances does a very good job of resembling a chicken, or even a bird, really. Still it's super funny. What'll these guys think of next? Seriously, so great. Is it May 26th yet?



G.O.B.'s history with magic on Arrested Development is spotty at best. Demanding that he be taken seriously, he founded The Alliance of Magicians, but was later kicked out of his own organization. Always ready to perform an illusion at the drop of a hat, he could always count on clever editing to help even if things didn't go exactly as planned. And boy did that happen a lot. Also, one time he sunk the family's yacht. Remember that? Just one of many great, yet goofy, scenes. Man, this show is great!



One of the best things about Arrested Development is how well it stands up to repeat viewings. And perhaps there's no better example of this than Buster losing his hand in a vicious seal attack. Seriously, there's so much foreshadowing going on, it's practically spelled out for you. That said, I'll bet you didn't even see it coming when you first saw it on TV. Oh, who are we kidding? You didn't even watch The 'D til you saw them all on DVD freshman year of college. Still, this gag is so classic! Easily one of my faves!



Another frequently occurring gag on the show is when a character walks across the screen all sad with their head and shoulders slumped over, like Charlie Brown did in those animated specials that always aired on TV when we were kids (and still does, I've just been told!). But that wasn't the only Peanuts reference on The 'D. For instance, Buster commonly refers to genitalia as "Charlie Browns" or "Linus." So that's one. And there are others, as well. Man, this show is so packed with references. I wish I could list 'em all, but I know you have other things to do.

HAHA! I just realized I keep calling it The 'D. I forget sometimes that that's just a thing I made up and nobody calls it that. Still though, feel free to use it. No charge!



Ann Veal is George Michael's bland girlfriend. So bland, in fact, that Michael constantly forgets her name and, in turn, calls her many unflattering things. My favorite is probably, Bland. I like how specific it is. What's yours? Yam? Yeah, good choice!


Dr. Fishman, AKA Literal Doctor, treats various members of the Bluth family throughout the show's run. He has a certain way with words that makes things seem far more dire than they actually are. In other words, he's yet another in a long line of great secondary characters this show has fleshed out. I feel like I keep saying this, but well done, gang. Such a great comedy show from start to finish. You can really tell they spent their time fleshing out all the jokes and stuff. I love this show.






Kitty Sanchez started off as George Bluth's loyal personal assistant, then she was Michael's not-so loyal assistant, then she was gone from the company, just like that. All the while, she had, let's say, a bit of a Girls Gone Wild streak in her. Why? Because it's funny! Don't believe me? Then check out a clip or two. You'll be laughing in no time. I guar-an-tee it.


We've reached the end of this incomplete guide to Arrested Development. I feel bad, because there's just so much more funny stuff to cover. The show was literally full of funny jokes. Who knows? Maybe next time!

Still jonesing for more? For an even more in-depth look into all the jokes and gags on The 'D, check out some of these other great internet posts.

But yeah, I don't know, I was thinking we could hang out sometime.