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June 15, 2016

This week's videos are out to upstage all the older videos dancing behind them.

This week’s videos are out to upstage all the older videos dancing behind them.

Dance Like Everybody’s Watching

Videos like this, where a young Chinese kid outshines a group of trained dancers behind him, are why the internet will always be better than late night television.

h/t Tastefully Offensive

World’s Tiniest Elevator?

Watch as two German men laugh their way through a ride on an elevator so tiny it almost certainly has bought a gun as a way of compensating.

h/t Reddit

Spoon Toss A Day

We’ve all seen those videos where weird freaks toss stuff over their shoulder and it always magically lands where it should. Well, Niall Brady proved it’s much harder than it looks by chronicling his once-a-day attempts to toss a spoon into a coffee cup on SnapChat. What you are about to see is basically a year’s worth of fails, which is only topped by the sweet relief of victory.

The Life Of Sports

For his 39th birthday, News 4’s Ari Alexander shoves 39 Kanye West references into his evening sportscast. ($90 t-shirts not included.)

Grandmas Don’t Like VR

The sheer terror of experiencing a VR roller coaster caused this family’s matriarch to pass out cold, which, if you can completely dismiss the fact that that’s a very scary situation, is the funniest thing in the world.