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February 16, 2017

Putin and Trump are cut from the same cloth.

If you do a psychological profile of Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin you come to a chilling stop….. because you suddenly realize the man is the Russian equivalent of Donald Trump. It’s no wonder the two men admire each other so much. They’re so much alike.

Putin is what is called a “dominant introvert.”

First of all an introvert is a person who shies away from social contact or large groups on a personal basis and in particular dislikes sharing ideas with others, and views the world as a place lacking in values the dominant introvert thinks the world should exhibit but does not.

Thus, Putin for his part said that Russia needs a strong state power and must have it. This indicates of course that Russia doesn’t currently have a strong state.

Trump pledged in a similar statement to make America great again perhaps unable to make the connection he was with this statement saying that America is not great (now). What “great” is he has never specified. In all probability it is merely the attainment of money and military power, not morality.

The dominant introvert is stubborn and tenacious and tries to reshape the world to suit their own personal vision.

Thus, Trump said I alone can fix the system (government and presumably everything else).

Putin said similarly, if you aspire to be a leader, you must speak your own language, for God’s sake (an irony given that Putin’s government service goes back to a time of state atheism in the old Soviet Union).

The dominant introvert also has an often moist sense of self-pity.

Trump for his part said he had lost a lot personally during his run for the presidency (self-pity).

Putin likewise said it is often necessary to be lonely in order to prove that you are right.

Both men psychologists would agree tend to be expansionist hostile enforcers

Thus, Trump said regarding the military, I’m going to make the military soooooo big, so powerful and strong, no one will dare mess with us (no mention was made of the potential dollar expense of this military expansion).

Putin likewise said the Russian Army is polite but menacing (this is a psychological contradiction in terms). He added that the Russian Army is impossible to defeat.

The dominant introvert is also noted for a basic lack of compassion toward others

Putin said it is dangerous to let people see themselves as exceptional.

Trump mocked before cameras the speech impediment of a reporter, and called Rosie O’Donnell a fat slob and Miss Piggy.

The high dominance introvert (Putin and Trump) sees the world as a struggle between them and us,or in the case of an introvert rather them and me. Their rhetoric is often hostile in tone.

Putin said Hitler wanted to destroy Russia and everyone needs to remember how that ended. Putin intended this as a not-so-veiled threat.

Likewise Trump is renowned for his thin skin. He takes every joke at his expense or criticism as a personal insult that needs to be countered with a stronger insult. Obsessed with Twitter, he is like a spoiled child, always having to have the last word in any dispute.

Both men dismiss spying but in slightly different ways.

Putin said spying has always gone on since ancient times (making it therefore acceptable).

Trump denied Russian spying during the 2016 election that helped him win the White House despite evidence to the contrary including the findings of his own intelligence network.