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May 16, 2011

The media is abuzz with a new "DANGEROUS" fad called 'planking'. Uhhhh have they ever heard of skateboarding???

There is a new fad hitting the internet, and it is called 'planking'.      
No, not that type of planking........this kind.

Basically it is just stupid people laying around and taking photos of themselves doing so.  I mean look at this fat idiot, misusing fitness equiptment.  He should be doing more benching and a little less laying around. 

All the major news networks are putting up stories about the dangers of 'planking'......I mean really??  This is dangerous??  I guess they are just tired of doing stories of car accidents and heroin overdoses.  Just because a bunch of stupid kids want to take pictures of themselves laying around, and one of those kids dies by falling off a ledge, doesn't mean this is some CRAZY new fad that all the kids will be doing and killing themselves.

 I mean dont we all 'plank' every night???

Or how about this CRAZY kid planking......


So really....let's just all relax....and let stupid people be stupid people.  I think it's called Darwin's Law.  The stupid will eventually weed themselves out.  The media needs to be focusing on greater threats to humanity.....like..... Denny's Bacon Shake.

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