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October 12, 2008



When my brother was in high school, he got a job at Disneyland in Anaheim as the tour guide dude on the Jungle Cruise ride.  It was the perfect job for him because he liked to tell jokes.  He was good at it. 

One day, a VIP was escorted to the front of the line.  It was Charlie Sheen!  Halfway through the tour, the boat came off its track.  This was very upsetting to Mr.  Sheen who began to rant.  He and my brother got involved in a little "tiff".  When the boat was finally put right and the riders were out of the jungle, word spread quickly that Mr.  Sheen was upset!

Matt was pulled from his shift and brought into a room full of Disney suits and made to explain why he should keep his $6.50 per hour job after he had upset the VIP Sheen. 

And that's why I love Charlie Sheen.

BTW.  The nicest VIP my brother ever met on the Jungle Cruise was Donald Sutherlin.  But then again,  Matt didn't derail the boat on that day.