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April 18, 2008


When it comes to what I think about the sex industry, I really said it best when Jim Goad interviewed me for an article he wrote about stripper horror stories.


There was one girl who used to shoot cocaine and heroin in the crevices of her fingers, which were all bloated and ballooned-up and she had these bulbous wounds, these raunchy scabs, and she would touch everything, of course, with her scabbed hands---the  pole, the rail, everything in the club. I would beg the owner and the manager to fire her because she would shoot up in front of me in the bathroom on numerous occasions, and she told me she was Hep-C positive. She was one of those people who was constantly seeking pity from others. But they didn't believe me. They wouldn't fire her.

There was another club I was working at called the Hideaway, and this fat girl with huge tits---they're veiny and they're real---and she would brag to the other girls that she'd drag guys to booths in the porno video store next door and give them blow jobs. She was proud that her husband and her kid didn't even know about it.

The sex-positive types? Yeah, I hate those trendy hipsters. I think they're try-hards. Where do they go wrong? Just everything---the way they carry themselves, how they preach---it's all wrong. It's really unbecoming.

I think ALL strippers are fucked-up, except for me. [laughs] They're all pathological exhibitionists that are desperate for approval. And they're quick to judge, but they don't want to be judged. They get into it because of desperation. Or they're attention whores. Or they need the money. But mostly because they're lazy, probably.

I'm pretty well-hated in the Portland stripper community. I'm dubbed as a total psycho bitch. They hate me because I'm always willing to be blunt about the truth.

[Bandana, who showed Jim her police mug shot] Dude, she pissed on the floor of The Viewpoint because they kicked her out. She got really trashed. Apparently they wanted her to leave because she was getting belligerent, so the bouncer tossed her out of the door---literally threw her through the air, and so she got up and went back in for some more rejection, and of course they threw her out again. So she came back in and pissed on the floor.

She was at a party and she went outside to hang with some other people, and the cops came up to scope out the scene, and she was heckling the cops verbally. And they accosted her, restrained her and hogtied her, and during the entire ordeal up until being hogtied, she was throwing punches and bragging about it. She's a compulsive liar, but according to her, they were intentionally flipping her around so her vagina was exposed.

I don't think most of them hate men. I think they hate themselves. [laughs] It's true! [laughs again]

Jim: Why do you think they hate themselves?
Jaime: Why wouldn't they? What's to like?

There was this girl named Legacy, and she would always stir up trouble. She was eighteen, although she acted twelve. One time this other girl pissed her off, and she urinated in the girl's dance bag! The girl flipped out and left, and Legacy threatened to find out where she lived and go kill her. She threatened to take her life.

Jim: How about girls attacking clients?
Jaime: Oh, fuck---I've attacked clients. Several. On numerous occasions.

At Jacks, there was this one time where this guy was telling other guys at the rack not to tip me. And then I told the bartender to speak to this guy, but the bartender was a jerkoff and he refused. So I took action myself and I chucked an ashtray at the wall of mirrors, and it shattered in pieces, and one of the pieces cut this guy's forehead just above the eye. And so I got 86'd that day. [laughs]

There was this farmer guy who was really burly, and he was buying table dances from me all night and he noticed that this other table dancer was grinding on his friend's face and breaking all the rules, and he tried to get me to do that, and I said, 'Hell, no, I'm not like that,' and he kept begging me to be nasty and I kept refusing, and he came back to my rack when I was onstage and he started to say insulting things. He was saying, "You're ugly" after he'd been telling me I was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen in his life---just because I wouldn't grind on his face or anything. So then I knelt down and told him to fuck off, but he wouldn't go away, so I spit right in his face, like two inches away from his face. And the dirty motherfucker stuck his tongue out and tried to lick the spit off his face like he really got off on it or something. And I got 86'd that day again.

I know this girl who was a serial beer-dumper. She'd dump beers on customers' heads.

As far as punching guys in the face, no. I've kicked people, like when they piss me off, I'll kick them and then pretend it's an accident, but I totally mean it.

I've met only one completely sober girl in four years of dancing. Tweakers are probably the worst of the girls.

A lot of them fuck the guys, and not for money. It's pretty disturbing.

A lot of them absolutely fit the stereotype of having been victims of childhood sexual abuse. They use it as leverage. They use these sob stories of sexual abuse to gain sympathy from people and to gain attention. Getting attention, without a doubt, has more to do with them becoming strippers than the money. Not for me, though. It's weird---I don't like the attention. Because it means I have to interact with them and reveal who I am. I dread interacting with the customers. I'd rather they just give me money and shut the fuck up and leave me alone. I'm not hungry for attention. In a crowd of people, even ones I know, I hide.

Bandana would brag about how she would do crystal meth right in front of her kids. She'll just offer up all this degrading information about herself. It's that whole attention-whore thing. She probably had an easy life. Someone like her, I'll bet her insanity is contrived and she had it easy. She's acting insane because she feels guilty for having had an easy life. I've had it rough my whole life, but I don't go whining about it to everybody I meet within the first fucking five minutes like she does.

I think most strippers will dance until they're in their forties. They'll keep doing it until they can't. They'll accomplish nothing, they'll become nothing, they are all total wastes of flesh. If I had a license to kill, I'd shoot 'em all point blank

PS thanks Jim for hooking me up with the transcript!