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November 01, 2017

Hey dudes: Do you find yourself playing "Devil's Advocate" on Facebook a lot? You might want to stop.

I understand the instinct to argue both sides of an argument, I majored in Rhetoric (i.e. Bullshitting) at UC Berkeley. But there is a special place in Hell for men who slide into women’s Facebook comment sections claiming to be “The Devil’s Advocate.” These comments are pedantic at best and overtly misogynistic at worst, but the authors dodge attacks by hiding behind the idea that they are “arguing for arguments sake” and the value of seeing “both sides”. Here are some Tiki Torches to remind you how dangerous defending “both sides” can be…


Neo Nazis in Charlottesville, Virginia

How do we explain to these men that this is not their High School Debate Class, and if they want to present an argument on “#MeToo” they have to own it? How do we break it to them, without evoking the wrath of their Hulk-like fragile egos? The Box’s new sketch Devil’s Advocate provides a possibility, let The Devil tell them. Written by and starring Sarah York (staff writer for The Box and Co-Host of Dyking Out Podcast), this sketch features a gender bending Devil and his very capable assistant, Natasha (Kayla Brooks), schooling three average bros on why The Devil doesn’t need them “advocating” for him.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.09.10 AM.png

Sarah York as The Devil in The Box’s new sketch Devil’s Advocate

The Box’s mission statement is “Funny + Important,” a combo that allows difficult topics to be talked about in the open. Wrapping the feminist take in funny like you wrap your pup’s vitamin in a bit of cheese. This tactic allows them to talk about taboo topics like reproductive health, sexual assault, and now Facebook F*ckbois. So, next time a barista/screenwriter crawls into your comment section to argue with you about why women are “biologically pre-disposed to monogamy” take a breather and let The Devil do the talking for you.