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July 25, 2012

Top 10 Little-Known Facts about the London Olympic Games


Top 10 Little-Known Facts about the London Olympic Games   Queen Elizabeth will throw out the ceremonial first javelin Michael Phelps actually swam all the way to England and beat the team plane The U.S. basketball team has agreed to allow the referees to play for their opponents each game.  Still favored by twenty. Heightened security measures include using the ears of Prince Charles as supersonic listening devices Pippa Middleton required to be mentioned in coverage every 30 minutes by all countries British Open golf tournament strategically scheduled ahead of games so London prostitutes could train with Tiger IOC awarded games to London as part of ongoing secret plan by Spice Girls to take over world (again) Entire cost of games being footed by pocket change from David Beckham's couch As is their custom, the French team has already given away their medals and surrendered to the country nearest them This year's Canadian team consists only of a polar bear, three geese, and Celine Dion