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January 31, 2012

20 Mormon horror movies that should exist...


There are many questions in the world, such as Orange Juice coming in Concentrated form. How is this made? Do they send all the Juice to concentration camps?

Another pertinent question is how can the beleaguered Mormon film industry (Yes, there is such a thing!) gain a credible foothold in the international film market?

As a possible avenue of reaching a wider, non magical underpants wearing demographic, maybe the religion can expand the scope of their films to accomodate the ever popular Horror genre with offerings such as these 20 delectable Mormon morsels:


1) Splatter Day saints

2)Treat or Treat

3) Drag me to heck

4) Hello-raiser

5) The spooky Mormon Hell dream before Christmas

6) Salt Lake Chainsaw Massacre

7) ParaMormon activity

8) The Tithing

9) The Eldercist

10) The Brides of Frankenstein


"Mormons will Morm, even in space..."

11) It came from the planet Kolob!

12) The hills have ties.

13) Let the right missionary in.

14) Caffeine!

15) I know what you preached last summer.

16) The Mormons always ring twice.

17) The Doorknockers.

18) Abbott and Costello meet Joseph Smith.

19) Nightmare on Elder Street.

20) Pet Seminary


"MS Paint blood. The worst kind of blood."


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