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February 06, 2012

You think you know the spoken word? You don't.


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Caption: The pen definitely hurts less than the sword when stuck up the nose: Artist Say da Word and poet Richstein Larusso


Spoken Word artist Say Da Word recently battled head to head with ‘normal’ poet Richstein Larusso in a debate upon which the future of poetry depends. The debate was staged by Sprinklelips Poetry at the Crusty Undercarriage Bar in Hoxton.


SDW: Word.

RL: Hello.

SDW: The word speaks, the world listens.

RL: Okay, we’ve started. Have we started? I’ve brought my notebook.

SDW: My mother says the lyrics don’t own me/ I spit rhymes and I hang with my homies/ all the people in the back say yee-ah!

RL: Okay. I thought this was going to be more of a structured debate… I don’t really see the difference between what you’re doing and bad rap.

SDW: Oh no you di-unt! If you gots da words then lets you be herd. (yes I do mean ‘herd’ like a nerd or a group of cows…) Yo!

RL: That doesn’t even rhyme? (Takes out thick notebook, drops several papers on the floor. Crowd becomes restless.) Anyway. Here is my new opus: ‘I dream of Felt droppings’

I dream of Felt droppings

I like how they roll

Dust bunny protocol.

Ring a ding ding

How I wanted to sing

But my mouth was stuffed with cotton.


SDW: Actually, that’s quite good.

RL: Thanks. Hey, didn’t we go to Eton together?


Bozzel: I think you’ll all agree that both sides argued convincingly. The winner is: POETRY!

(Crowd clicks their fingers energetically)